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The mother of a 13-year-old girl who was killed in a South Florida crash involving her 17-year-old boyfriend is suing rideshare service Lyft, alleging the honor roll student would never have been out that night in the first place had a driver not taken her there at 1:30 a.m. without supervision. car accident

It is reportedly in Lyft’s policy that drivers are not supposed to transport unaccompanied minors to destinations. In this case, according to The Palm Beach Post, the girl’s parents believed her to be in her bed asleep on the night in question. Her grandmother was asleep. Her mother, a nurse, was working the night shift. Around 1:30 a.m., the girl contacted the raid-hailing service and requested a ride from her home in Boynton Beach across town to her boyfriend’s house in Greenacres. A driver with the service reportedly picked her up and dropped her off without issue or question.

She was there for several hours until around 5:30 a.m. At that time, the teen’s boyfriend took his mother’s Ford pickup truck to drive the girl home. He had a learner’s permit that required him to be accompanied by a driver at least 21-years-old in the front passenger seat. Instead, he and his girlfriend – neither of whom were wearing seat belts – ventured out alone on a rain-slicked road.  Continue reading →

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Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in America. But the heavy traffic, late night alcohol consumption, and long-distance travel also make it one of the deadliest holidays of the year. According to the National Safety Council, it is estimated that over 400 people in the United States will lose their lives in a Thanksgiving weekend holiday traffic accident. Gearing up for Thanksgiving weekend, remember that you could face additional hazards on the road.

Being aware of dangers can help to keep your family safe and prevent a fatal highway accident. Our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys are dedicated to raising safety awareness and in keeping Florida residents safe throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. In the event of an accident, our legal team takes a comprehensive approach to identify responsible parties and seek maximum compensation for injury and losses.


This year we are offering some safety tips to keep your family safe, whether you are staying in town or taking a long-distance family road trip.
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Holiday season means packing up the family and heading to the mall, busy parking lots, stormy nights, and driveways full of visitors. In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there is a higher risk of back-up and backover accidents. While new technology has been made available to stop backover accidents, most drivers must continue to use rear view mirrors and watch carefully before backing up.

Backover accidents cause thousands of deaths every year—many of these tragic accidents involve children. Our Fort Lauderdale injury attorneys are experienced in helping victims of car accidents recover just compensation after an accident. We are also dedicated to preventing accidents and injuries. Our legal team is abreast of current developments in vehicle safety and in helping our communities prevent future accidents and injuries.


This holiday season, from trick-or-treating at Halloween, to family visits for Thanksgiving, and holiday shopping for Christmas, drivers should be especially aware of the potential for backover accidents. When roads are icy, snow mounds are lining the streets and visibility is reduced, vision can be even more impaired. All drivers must be aware of the potential risk of backing up, particularly in busy parking lots or private drives.
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From the moment a woman discovers she is pregnant, certain decisions are made to protect the health and well-being of the unborn baby. For many women, this means changing diet patterns and refraining from unhealthy activities. New studies indicate that women must also be more wary when they get into a vehicle. Whether a passenger or behind the wheel, a pregnant woman and fetus faces particular risks in the event of a car accident.

Car accidents can have an immediate and long-term impact on the life of a victim. Our
Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys are dedicated to raising awareness surrounding car crash injury and fatality. In addition to protecting the rights of victims in the event of an accident, we are also committed to staying on top of research and trends in motorist safety.


A new study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found that motor vehicle crashes can be particular hazardous for pregnant women who are not wearing their seat belt at the time of an accident. Researchers found that car crashes are the primary cause of injury during pregnancy. In addition to immediate injuries caused by the accident, many women also suffered later complications.
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Truckers may know they are driving the most dangerous and threatening vehicles on the road, but they don’t always act like it. Many truck drivers are known to switch lanes, cut off cars, speed, and drive recklessly. This kind of driving behavior can pose significant hazards and ultimately result in accidents and wrongful death.

Despite training sessions, federal laws, and common knowledge that larger trucks are dangerous, many drivers will continue to flout state and federal laws just to get in another mile or two in the fast lane. In addition to frustrating other drivers on the road, these truckers are creating serious hazards and potentially risking the lives of motorists and their passengers. Our Fort Lauderdale trucking accident attorneys are committed to protecting victims who have been affected by these tragedies. We continue to remain dedicated to raising awareness to prevent future accidents and injury.


A recent crackdown on aggressive drivers has helped to reduce deadly big rig accidents by 40%. Police have started a campaign to catch and penalize unsafe truck drivers. The campaign, known as the “Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT)” program, targeted aggressive drivers of both tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles. Florida will be conducting a similar campaign through the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

The program is funded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and aims to reduce the total number of fatalities and accidents by stopping and penalizing aggressive drivers.
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Whether state mandated or out of personal protection, car insurance is a necessary investment. Depending on the type of car you own, whether you have a loan, and what type of coverage you want, your policy will vary.

Unfortunately, misinformation and misconceptions about auto insurance can make policies and claims more complicated. If you have been involved in a car accident or you want to ensure proper coverage, it is important to have a clear understanding of your rights and obligations when it comes to auto insurance.

One-car, two-car, or multi-car pile-ups and intersection accidents can involve a number of automobile claims. If one or more drivers are uninsured, this can also create liability for your own insurance company. Our West Palm Beach car accident attorneys are experienced in helping our clients collect compensation they are entitled to, from insurance carriers and negligent parties.


What do you know about your own policy? Do you know how to get the most out of your insurance claim? Do you know what you are actually paying for? Here are some common myths about auto insurance that you should be aware of:

Myth #1: Agents and adjusters have your best interests in mind. While agents may seem friendly on the phone, remember that they are salespeople. This means that they may not be getting you the best deal. Similarly, claims adjusters are seeking to limit pay-outs and may even be working against you to limit your rights and compensation. Remember to shop around for best rates. After an accident, you should consult with an experienced attorney who can successfully protect your interests and ensure that you get the full coverage you are entitled to.

Myth #2: An accident caused by an animal is considered “no-fault.” When driving along a wooded highway you see a deer ahead slam on your brakes and veer off the road crashing into a median. This could cause significant damage to your car and property. In more severe accidents, you strike another vehicle. Do not make the mistake of believing that your insurance company will not hold you accountable. Hitting a deer or animal in the road will be considered “at-fault” in terms of insurance and any claim could impact your premiums.

Myth #3: You can collect value of loan if your car is “totaled.” When you are involved in an accident and your car is totaled, you may think that your insurance will cover the full amount you owe to the bank. Unfortunately, some auto loan holders find themselves in the position of having to pay off their loan out of pocket if the value of their car is less than the remainder of the loan. Remember that different policies have different coverage. Be sure that you have additional coverage to pay off a car loan.

Auto insurance can be complicated and has a number of variable features. Be sure to have the insurance you need for coverage and a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities in the event of an accident.
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The dangers of drunk driving do not just apply to driver’s of cars and trucks. Drivers of other motor vehicles, including scooters, boats, and ATV’s are also at risk of causing serious injuries and fatalities. This past weekend, a University of Florida football player was charged criminally after allegedly riding a scooter while under the influence.

Drunk-driving poses a notorious risk to pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists sharing the road. During the summer, especially around holiday weekends, including the Fourth of July, motorists and their passengers are at a high risk of drinking and driving accidents. Our Fort Lauderdale accident attorneys are committed to helping the victims of DUI injury protect their rights after a collision. In addition to civil liability, DUI offenders can also be held criminally liable and face serious penalties.


A University of Florida football player was arrested over the weekend after being accused of operating his scooter while under the influence. The 19-year-old freshman was a walk-on Florida punter and charged with DUI. According to reports, the player was arrested by Gainesville Police after he was spotted running a stop sign while on his scooter.

Many South Florida residents will use a golf-cart, scooter or other non-traditional vehicle to get around. While these vehicles may seem safer to operate, drivers can still be held liable if they are found to be drinking and driving. These vehicles can also pose a significant risk to other motorists, pedestrians as well as cyclists and other bystanders.

The Florida punter allegedly ran a stop light in front of a police officer who was waiting to pass through the intersection. When the football player saw the police car, he swerved to avoid being seen and almost fell off his scooter. Police reports also indicated that he was visibly intoxicated. The officer also indicated that the punter pulled out his cell phone and tried to drive off before being pulled over.

When a driver is under the suspicion of alcohol use, there will be an initial investigation to test for blood-alcohol content. In the event of an accident or injury, these investigations are taken more seriously and drivers will be heavily scrutinized. In addition to criminal penalties, drivers can also be held civilly liable for all injuries and related expenses, including medical costs, long-term care needs, lost wages, pain and suffering and any additional losses related to the accident.

The defendant in this case was apprehended at a nearby parking garage where the officer noted in his police report the smell of alcohol. The officer also noted in his report that the player had bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils, both indications of alcohol use and intoxication. The underage player refused to submit to a blood-alcohol test and admitted to being at a bar, though denied that he was drinking. He was booked in jail. In addition to criminal penalties, he will likely face disciplinary measures from the university.

Florida drivers should remember that drinking and driving can be dangerous for car drivers, motorcyclists and truck drivers as well as those operating other motor vehicles, including scooters. Drivers of scooters and all motor vehicles should remember that criminal penalties can be severe and that serious accidents and injuries can arise from a drunk driving collision.
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With Fourth of July behind us, you may be tempted to breathe a sigh of relief behind the wheel.

While winter can pose the risk of heavy seasonal traffic, summer driving months are typically the most dangerous of the year—and August is the deadliest. Road trips, construction, as well as summer rain storms create additional risks from drivers, whether passing through small town intersections or traveling at high speeds on the interstate.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that more Americans are killed in August traffic collisions than in any other month of the year. Though motorists can take any number of precautions, some accidents remain out of driver control. Drunk-driving accidents, auto defects, speeding, and other negligent drivers can put innocent motorists at risk. Our Fort Lauderdale injury attorneys are committed to helping Florida tourists and residents prevent accidents and protect their rights in the event of a collision.


According to reports, there are 1.09 fatalities per 100 million miles traveled. March has the lowest number of fatalities with .94 per 100 million miles. As shocking as it seems, the agency indicated that an average of 93 people die every day in U.S. car accidents. This means one death every 16 minutes. A large percentage of the most deadly days of the year occur in August.

One of the primary reasons for the spike in accidents is the sheer number of miles traveled on U.S. roads. Analysts surmise that the accident rates rise because more people are driving during August than any other time of the year. This means that drivers are at a greater risk of accident, injury or death on the weekends.

Weekends mean more driving, especially long distances—trips to the store, camping, to family members or to the lake. Reports indicate that Saturdays have the highest number of crash-related deaths, averaging 123 deaths per day nationwide. Comparatively, Fridays are the second highest rate of accidents and Tuesday has the lowest number of crash-related fatalities.

Summer also increases the risk of drinking and driving accidents. When on the road this summer, be aware of the risks of drinking and driving and also be more cautious when on the freeways. When possible, you should avoid driving at night or when visibility is low. More than one-third of accidents occur between 3 and 9 p.m. However, the deadliest hours on the road are between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. at night.

August driving can pose addition risks during inclement weather. As we have mentioned in earlier posts, you should avoid driving during heavy rains or tropical storms. If you are stuck in a storm while on the road, you should pull over until the storm dies down or avoid driving all together.

Despite public health campaigns that encourage the use of seatbelts, many of the August deaths can be attributed to motorists and passengers who fail to buckle up. According to the NHTSA, of those killed less than half of motorists and their passengers use seatbelts. This can exponentially increase the risk of fatality in the event of an accident.

August is high-risk month so danger lies ahead! Avoid distracted driving, buckle-up and avoid any unnecessary risks, including driving while fatigued, at night or during a storm.
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Private coach and bus companies are increasingly under scrutiny since a number of bus companies have been held liable after deadly highway accidents. Whether you are chartering a bus on behalf of your school, church or organization, or you are taking an independent trip with a bus company, it is important to keep safety in mind.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has also gotten involved to increase public awareness and to take a greater role in the regulation of busing companies. The agency has suspended the operations of a national bus company after finding that it posed an “imminent hazard to public safety.” Our Fort Lauderdale bus accident lawyers are experienced in investigating these complex cases and helping victims recover the compensation they deserve.


According to government reports, the bus company “Advanced Ventures” operated a fleet of coaches and mini-buses, transporting passengers throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Government agencies are charged with ensuring the safety of passengers and in upholding safety standards for busing companies. The agency claims that it will shut down any company that is not transporting passengers safely.

Bus safety encompasses a number of precautions, including maintenance and upkeep of vehicles, proper training and screening for drivers, ensuring safe routes, checking for inclement weather, and a number of other procedures that can ensure safe transport for passengers.

After an accident it is likely that any bus company will be investigated by the federal government, especially if the company is crossing over state lines. In an investigation of “Advanced Ventures,” the agency found that the bus company falsified inspection documents. This means that the vehicles were not properly maintained to meet minimum safety standards. The agency found that there were 39 safety violations. Onsite inspectors found that two of the vehicles in use were “imminently hazardous” and deemed out-of-service.

Proper maintenance includes upkeep of the engine and proper vehicular inspections as well as ensuring safe and functioning window exits. The inspections found that the company allowed drivers to operate vehicles without waiting from drug and alcohol test records. The company may also be held accountable for failure to maintain medical records, documentation, and itineraries.

Like the trucking industry, commercial bus companies are required to keep certain records and to maintain safe conditions for passengers. When documents are falsified, passengers are at risk of fatigued drivers or drivers who are under the influence. The agency is working to shut down those companies that fail to comply with federal regulatory standards.

Safety of passengers is critical. When taking a summer bus trip, be sure to properly research the company that you will be hiring. You should inquire about records and safety standards and always be wary if you suspect that a company falls short on protocols. You can also download the “SaferBus” mobile app to get up-to-date information on a bus company’s record of safety before making a reservation for your family or organization.

The federal government has shut down 21 companies and eight trucking companies for similar violations this year. In addition to shutting down bus companies, the agency has also suspended 6 commercial licenses, blocking drivers from crossing state lines with a commercial vehicle.
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Our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys know that almost 70 percent of U.S. adults between the ages of 18 and 64 admit to talking on their cell phone when driving.

It is this behavior that has helped make distracted driving a top cause of auto accidents in America.

Now, NBC News reports that a recent study shows Americans may be largely alone in their decision to take the dangerous risk of texting behind the wheel. The worldwide study took a look at behaviors in the U.S, Belgium, Britain, Germany, France and the Netherlands, among other places, and found that the United States was number one regarding the number of people talking or texting and driving.

Data Shows US Stands Out Among the Crowd
According to the research:

  • Approximately 69 percent of adults in the U.S. between the ages of 18-64 said they had talked on a cell phone in the car one or more times in the 30 days before the survey.
  • Only 21 percent of people from Britain reported cell phone use in the past 30 days and only 40 percent of adults in France had used the phone when driving over the prior month.
  • In the U.S., 31 percent of drivers said that they had texted while they were driving. This 31 percent is almost twice the 15 percent of drivers who live in Spain who said they had texted while driving at least once in the past month.

The responses from people in the U.S. and the high number of people talking and texting may be partially explained by the different laws in the states versus in Europe. In the United States, the Governor’s Highway Safety Association reports that there are only 10 states that completely ban the use of handheld devices by drivers. The U.S. also doesn’t have uniform laws when it comes to texting and driving, with only 39 states imposing a complete ban on texting for drivers of all ages. Other states have various limitations preventing younger drivers from texting or talking, while some have no widespread statewide bans at all.

In Europe, on the other hand, almost all countries have a ban on the use of handheld devices. This widespread ban likely accounts for why drivers in these countries don’t talk or text in as great of numbers as people in the United States. However, researchers cannot explain why there are such big differences among the different countries in Europe since they all have similar rules.

A Dubious Honor
Unfortunately, the honor of being the country with the most cell-phone using drivers is not a good thing. Cell phone use is very dangerous and the U.S. Department of Transportation reports that more than 3,000 drivers were killed in this country in 2010 in crashes related to distracted driving.

Young drivers tend to be at the greatest risk, with teens texting around 25 percent as often as their parents think they are and with 11 percent of all fatal crashes involving a driver age 20 and under involving distracted driving.

Sadly, most people in America know that texting and driving or talking and driving is dangerous and yet they do it anyway. Tougher enforcement of laws and more laws throughout the U.S. could potentially help to stop this dangerous practice, could bring the country down from its number one slot and could save lives.
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