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Preventing Holiday Backover Accidents in Florida

Holiday season means packing up the family and heading to the mall, busy parking lots, stormy nights, and driveways full of visitors. In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there is a higher risk of back-up and backover accidents. While new technology has been made available to stop backover accidents, most drivers must continue to use rear view mirrors and watch carefully before backing up.

Backover accidents cause thousands of deaths every year—many of these tragic accidents involve children. Our Fort Lauderdale injury attorneys are experienced in helping victims of car accidents recover just compensation after an accident. We are also dedicated to preventing accidents and injuries. Our legal team is abreast of current developments in vehicle safety and in helping our communities prevent future accidents and injuries.

This holiday season, from trick-or-treating at Halloween, to family visits for Thanksgiving, and holiday shopping for Christmas, drivers should be especially aware of the potential for backover accidents. When roads are icy, snow mounds are lining the streets and visibility is reduced, vision can be even more impaired. All drivers must be aware of the potential risk of backing up, particularly in busy parking lots or private drives.

According to the U.S. Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it will be adding rearview video systems to a list of recommended features under the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). The agency asserts that the new safety feature is an asset in preventing such accidents, even if the system is not mandated. The NCAP program offers car ratings (commonly known as the 5-Star Safety Ratings) to help consumers make the best decisions when purchasing a new automobile.

NHTSA is urging automobile manufacturers as well as consumers to invest in new technologies that can prevent backup accidents. These advanced technology features can help driver to avoid crashes and reduce additional safety risks. According to the agency, there are a number of ways to prevent rollover accidents in addition to advanced automobile technologies. Smart roadway design, walking communities with high visibility and increasing public awareness are additional ways to prevent backup accidents.

The Department is hoping to reduce backup injuries by increasing public awareness and collaborating with industry leaders and other agencies. Including the rearview window systems as desired safety equipment will help consumers identify which vehicles have the feature. Vehicles that meet NHTSA standards will come recommended by the agency.

Effective rear view systems will cover a 20-foot by 10-foot zone behind the vehicle. The image will be displayed 2 seconds after car is put into reverse. The visual should cover enough ground space and objects to help drivers make decisions when backing up. These systems will replace Electronic Stability Control as the recommended advanced technology on all new standard vehicles.

While this technology can prevent accidents this holiday season and in years to come, all drivers should continue to be aware of the dangers of backup accidents. The NHTSA advises that while drivers may rely on these systems, they should continue to be vigilant, especially when in areas where they may encounter pedestrians, cyclists or children.

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