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Dangers of Holiday Season Travel and Traffic

The holiday season involves long-distance travel, office Christmas parties, and other festivities. Often these celebrations are combined with drinking and late nights. There are a number of dangers for motorists and passengers throughout the holiday season and the winter months. The NHTSA has recently published its reports allowing analysts to estimate the number of deaths that may be anticipated this year. Drivers, pedestrians, and passengers should be aware of these potential dangers to prevent accidents and injuries.

Whether you are getting behind the wheel or buckling up as a passenger, your safety is critical. Our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys are committed to helping prevent accidents and injuries throughout the state. We also know that raising awareness surrounding key dangers can help drivers be wary when hitting the road throughout the holiday season. Here are a few of the key dangers that you may face:

Drunk driving. Colder weather often brings the crowd indoors to bars and parties. Whether driving a short distance from the office or if you are on the highway going long-distance, remember the dangers of drinking and driving. You should never get behind the wheel after you have been drinking and when out during the holiday season, be wary of others who may be under the influence.

Speeding. Speeding is always a grave danger on the road. It is often holiday season when stress catches up to drivers causing them to increase their speed. You may be running late to a party, picking up a child from daycare, or doing last minute Christmas shopping. Remember that speeding is never worth the cost of an accident or injury. You should also drive defensively to protect yourself from other negligent drivers.

Long-distance road trips. Driving long-distances can induce drowsiness, especially throughout the long winter hours. If you are taking your family on a trip for the holidays, always be careful and avoid too many hours on the road. Pull over if you feel tired and make sure to take rest. You may want to plan to stay overnight halfway to avoid the potential dangers of drowsy driving.

Distracted driving. Holiday drivers are often distracted with children, to-do lists, shopping and other end of the year responsibilities. When on the road this holiday season, be sure to protect yourself and your loved ones against distracted driving. Remember not to drive while using a cell phone and avoid other distractions, including eating, texting, or putting on make-up.

Backover and pedestrian accidents. Parking lots and driveways are busiest during the holiday season. In the holiday hustle, everyone is going somewhere. You can protect yourself and your loved ones by always checking rearview mirrors. Be especially wary when driving in areas where there are pedestrians, cyclists and children.

Every holiday season, Americans are at risk of dangerous accidents and collisions. This season, you can do your best to prevent accidents by being prepared. Avoid speeding and the stress of holidays by planning ahead. When out on the roads, remember that the danger of accidents increases around the holidays. There may be more drunk drivers and you could face additional dangers because of higher stress levels among motorists. Remember that if you are involved in an accident, you may be entitled to significant compensation. An experienced advocate can review your case and protect your rights.

If you or someone you love was injured in an accident, contact Freeman Injury Law at 1-800-561-7777 for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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