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Are Florida’s Median Palm Fronds Causing Accidents?

Florida drivers spend a significant amount of time on the road. Through residential neighborhoods, along beaches, and highway stretches, it takes time to travel. It is not surprising that we like to enjoy a view while we are driving to work, on a road trip, or headed to the beach. While the palm trees that line Florida highways may provide a picturesque scene from a motorcycle or convertible, some believe that they are creating a hazard for drivers and cyclists.

With the high rates of pedestrian, motorcycle, car, and truck accidents throughout the state, all residents of Florida should be concerned about ways to reduce or limit the number of accidents on the road. Our Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorneys are dedicated to safety and committed to helping victims of accidents collect the compensation they need and deserve. We are also abreast of public safety concerns, especially those involving risks to motorists throughout the state.

Striking debris on the highway can be difficult to avoid, especially at high speeds. While you may think that swerving out of the way is the safest decision, you may be swerving into another vehicle or onto the shoulder where you could face additional risks. On the other hand, striking an object while traveling at high speeds could cause significant damage to your vehicle as well as an accident, resulting in injury or death. Some Florida drivers have suggested that the palm fronds that line roadways throughout the state could be posing additional risks to drivers, especially motorcyclists.

Palm tree fronds are self-cleaning so they usually fall off and do not need to be trimmed. This means that at any time, a palm frond could fall on top of a vehicle or onto the street. Even palms that have fallen on the side of the roadway could catch a gust of wind and blow into the line of traffic. If you have ever picked up a large palm frond, you know they are large, heavy and nothing to scoff at, especially when at odds with a motorcycle traveling at high speeds.

As palm fronds fall or interfere with traffic, motorcyclists must be especially wary to dodge the debris. While trying to avoid riding over the palm fronds, these riders may collide with other vehicles or cause cars to swerve out of the way. A rider who strikes a palm frond could get knocked off his bike or flip trying to avoid the debris.

Whether you are a rider or a motorist, you should be wary of the potential risk posed by fallen debris and palm fronds throughout the state, especially when traveling at high speeds. All motorists should watch out for fallen debris and be wary of other drivers who need to make a quick turn to avoid an accident ahead. If you were involved in a serious accident involving debris, you should consult with an advocate to protect your rights. An independent investigation can identify all liable parties, including negligent drivers, government agencies responsible for road maintenance, and other individuals or entities that contributed to the accident.

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