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Safe Thanksgiving Travel in South Florida

Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in America. But the heavy traffic, late night alcohol consumption, and long-distance travel also make it one of the deadliest holidays of the year. According to the National Safety Council, it is estimated that over 400 people in the United States will lose their lives in a Thanksgiving weekend holiday traffic accident. Gearing up for Thanksgiving weekend, remember that you could face additional hazards on the road.

Being aware of dangers can help to keep your family safe and prevent a fatal highway accident. Our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys are dedicated to raising safety awareness and in keeping Florida residents safe throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. In the event of an accident, our legal team takes a comprehensive approach to identify responsible parties and seek maximum compensation for injury and losses.

This year we are offering some safety tips to keep your family safe, whether you are staying in town or taking a long-distance family road trip.

Plan your trip in advance. When making a trip to an unknown destination, it is best to have a clear idea of where you are headed before you start the vehicle. Don’t rely on last minute GPS navigations and if possible, have another passenger direct you. Even glancing away for seconds can cause serious collisions and injury.

Keep your vehicle maintained. This is especially important if you will be traveling long-distance. Make sure that your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle is in good working condition before you take off. You should check air tire pressure and make sure that your windshield fluid is full and that your wipers are working. Of course, make sure your headlights, taillights, and signal are functioning. Having a full tank of gas can also prevent unnecessary stops and potential shoulder collisions.

Be alert and fully rested. A long road trip demands a full night’s rest. Even though you are probably busy through the week leading up to Thanksgiving, you need sleep to ensure that you are prepared to stay awake and alert throughout your journey. If you feel tired, don’t hesitate to pull over for a break or a coffee.

Avoid distractions. We have frequently discussed the dangers of distracted driving on our blog, but this is especially important during the busy holiday season. You will likely be facing heavier traffic and other rushed or stressed drivers. Don’ text or use a cell phone and if you are playing music, let another passenger be the DJ.

Practice safe driving. Again, a common mistake during Holiday season is to commit basic traffic violations. Running a red light, speeding and other offenses are not only illegal, they can be deadly. Always follow the speed limit and traffic regulations to avoid collisions. Leave space between your car and the next vehicle and turn on your headlights as dusk approaches.

Staying safe on the road this Thanksgiving means staying aware of dangers, practicing safe driving, and keeping in mind that other drivers may be rushed or stressed this holiday weekend. Also be wary of the risk of drinking and driving, and of course, never get behind the wheel if you have had too much to drink. With these tips, you can have a Happy Thanksgiving and prevent holiday accidents.

If you or someone you love was injured in an accident, contact Freeman Injury Law at 1-800-561-7777 for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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