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New LED Lighting System Improves Visibility and Safety

Technological advancements can improve safety for drivers, passengers, and other motorists sharing the road. A California entrepreneur is designing and marketing new lighting technologies for vehicles to improve safety on the road. According to a USA Today report, the entrepreneur is pitching new LED light systems to automakers, hoping that they become a standard safety feature for future vehicles. Improved lighting can make your vehicle more visible to other drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians to prevent future accidents and injuries.

One of the problems with existing lighting designs is that there are blinds spots on both sides of the car. If you are in a blind spot, you may miss that another driver has turned on their blinker. His lighting system helps to mitigate this issue through LED lights that wrap around the vehicle. Our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys are dedicated to raising awareness to prevent future accidents and injuries. We are also abreast of recent developments and technological advancements that can improve motorist safety.

Earlier this month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it is supporting and advancing the development of vehicles that can communicate at intersections to prevent accidents. According to reports, two new technologies, known as Left Turn Assistant and Intersection Movement Assistant, both complex movement detection systems, could prevent nearly 600,000 accidents a year. This also means saving over 1,000 lives. These complex systems are one solution, but the LED system is a more accessible product that could be available to consumers next year.

According to the entrepreneur, the LED system also has an aesthetic appeal. Lighting systems around the vehicle stay illuminated when the car is in motion. The system also has an LED surrounding “blinker” that notifies drivers who may be in a blind spot that you will be making a turn. The LED system has been gaining popularity in the Bay Area and nationwide. According to the inventor, he also has potential vendors in Europe. While it is not as complex as the new “communicative cars” the LED surrounding system could be a new and permanent fixture to help prevent accidents.

This isn’t the only new LED lighting system that is being marketed to consumers and car manufacturers. There are also a growing number of researchers who are exploring systems that encode other signals in LED light. According to these researchers, the LED lights are able to transmit messages to each other to prevent accidents. Many of these technologies are already working on some vehicles, however they are not mainstream and have not been installed in new vehicle models. From car to car communications, other LED systems, drivers of today and in the future will likely have improved and additional technologies to prevent accidents.

Every accident should be investigated by an experienced advocate. Whether it was caused by low visibility, improper signage, negligent driving, or other factors, responsible individuals and entities should be held accountable. Improved lighting can help to prevent accidents, but negligent drivers will always be a risk to motorists on the road.

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