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Woman Crashes into Restaurant, Strikes Homeless Man

Negligent drivers pose a serious hazard to other motorists, their passengers, as well as pedestrians and bystanders. In a recent collision, a woman crashed into a restaurant in Pinecrest and struck a man who was sitting on a bench. According to police reports, the victim was sitting in front of the restaurant when witnesses saw a car come barreling through the parking lot. The vehicle jumped a curb and struck the man before coming to a stop. Investigators reported that both of the man’s legs were broken as he was thrown backwards into a window.

Victims of negligent driving will often suffer serious or catastrophic injuries. These injuries can be debilitating, resulting in lost wages, medical expenses, and long-term care needs. Our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys are experienced in helping victims and their families who have suffered losses related to car accidents. We will take the time to review your case, identify your losses, and pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. For those who are involved in a car accident or collision, it is important to work with an advocate who can perform an independent investigation and protect your rights through settlement negotiation or trial.

According to police, the victim, an elderly African-American man, has not yet been identified. Witnesses believe he went into shock immediately following the collision because both legs were broken and he was bleeding from several wounds. Another witness told investigators that the victim was struck so hard that his head impaled the glass window. Head injuries and trauma could result in traumatic brain injury that can lead to permanent cognitive losses. Traumatic brain injury and head impact has been linked to loss of vision or hearing, personality and mood disorders, memory loss, and other disabilities.

Witnesses said that the bench where the man was sitting was completely destroyed and the impact also caused damage to the front window frame of the restaurant. The crash could have caused additional injuries, but fortunately, a couple that was sitting against the window decided to move just moments before impact. The driver was identified as a woman in her 50s who did not suffer any injuries. The condition of the driver has not been updated and it is unknown whether the drive will face criminal charges.

The collision is still under investigation and detectives are trying to determine the cause of the accident. Officers are having the brakes tested to determine if they were functioning properly. If the driver is given a citation, the criminal charge can be used as evidence of negligence in a civil case. Police are also investigating whether the layout of the strip mall could have been at fault. Cases where a driver behaves erratically could also be linked to alcohol or drug use. In this case, the driver, automobile manufacturer, or even the property owner could be held liable. An independent investigation could also benefit a victim to determine liable individuals and entities.

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