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Improper Boat Hitching and Distracted Driving Cause Dangerous Collision

Florida is known for its boating culture and any driver knows the importance of proper hitching. A boat that becomes unhitched can be deadly, causing serious risk of injury and fatality to other motorists sharing the road. In a recent case, a driver stopped in the middle of the roadway to check his hitch and the back of the boat was struck by an oncoming vehicle. The boat came off the trailer and ended up on the opposite side of A1A near the Rick Air Force Base. The accident is a reminder to all drivers to make sure boats are properly hitched before getting on the road. Drivers who stop on the shoulder are also in serious danger of accident or injury.

Authorities report the driver was headed south in a 2006 Dodge truck when he stopped on the road to check the trailer connection to his boat. The passenger in his truck got out and attempted to direct traffic around the truck, trailer and boat. Another driver was distracted, also heading south on A1A and struck the rear of the boat. When the boat came unhinged, the trailer was hurled across the road and hit the fence. Passengers in both vehicles suffered injuries and both drivers were cited, one for improper stopping, and the other for distracted driving. Our Fort Lauderdale car accidents attorneys are dedicated to helping victims recover compensation and in preventing future accidents and injuries.

There are a number of factors that contributed to the accident and subsequent injuries in this case. The driver pulling the trailer and boat likely suspected that the boat was improperly hitched. While he may have prevented a more serious accident by pulling over, he also created a highway hazard by stopping in the middle of A1A. Police officers cited the driver for improper stopping. With traffic coming at unpredictable and high speeds, drivers should never stop on a busy roadway unless they are in an emergency.

One of the primary reasons is that oncoming traffic may not see you or be able to stop in time. Distracted driving is also a huge risk for motorists who stop on the shoulder. A driver who looks to check a text message or who is only distracted for a few seconds can cause a serious accident or injury. In this case, the accident was caused, both by negligent and improper stopping as well as distracted driving. The passenger of the truck pulling the boat suffered serious injuries. She was behind the truck when she was hit by the second vehicle which struck the boat trailer. Reports indicate that she suffered severe injuries and was taken to the Holmes Regional Medical Center. The driver of the truck also suffered minor injuries. A passenger in the second truck also suffered minor injuries.

This accident delayed traffic for over an hour as a result of improper hitching, improper stopping, and distracted driving. According to authorities, a helicopter ambulance also had to land on the roadway to help the injured passenger. Vehicles in both the northbound and southbound lanes had to be diverted to the median so that crews could access the crash scene.

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