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Family of Four Laid to Rest After Submersion Accident

Four caskets were lowered into the ground next to each other during a recent service in Fort Lauderdale. They belonged to a family who was killed last week after their vehicle plunged into a Deerfield Beach lake. According to The Miami Herald, more than 1,000 friends and family members attended the four-hour funeral service.

“They are not dead. They are living in the eternal life,” said a pastor at Christian Life Restoration Center, Yolette Fabre. “Let us stand strong, firm together.”

Our Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers understand that the family was heading home from a shopping trip when the accident happened. The tragedy occurred when the family’s SUV was involved in a three-car accident. Unfortunately, their vehicle flew off of Interstate 95 and went directly into a lake. The others who were involved in the accident were not injured.

Three of the passengers were pulled from the lake immediately after the accident. One was not removed until the next day. One was pronounced dead at the hospital; the rest died at the scene.

One speaker at the funeral said that this was not only a time to remember the family, but also a time to teach a lesson to the younger attendants. The principal of the local high-school where two of the victims attended class spoke at the service and asked attendees to live out their dreams now and to do so carefully.

The truth of the matter is that this kind of submersion accident can happen to anyone. Accidents happen and the best thing that we can do, besides practice safe and alert driving habits, is to be prepared.

According to the Fatal Analysis Reporting System (FARS), there are more than 245 vehicle submersion accidents that happen each year in which at least 1 fatality is reported. Of these accidents, close to half of them were involved in a serious frontal crash. About 10 percent were involved in a major side crash and about 2 percent were involved in a major rear-end accident. Close to a quarter of them were involved in a vehicle rollover accident with no collision.

If your car drives into water, follow these submersion safety tips:

-As difficult as it might be, stay calm. You’ve got to conserve your energy and to help others get out safely.

-As soon as you hit the water, try to roll your windows down. If they’re not rolling down, break it open.

-Purchase a device to keep in your car that is specifically used for breaking windows and cutting seat belts. You can get these at any auto part store.

-If your car starts to sink, wait for the pressure to equalize. When this happens, then try to open your car door.

-Stay buckled in until you’re ready to escape. This is going to help to keep you stable if you have to break open a window.

-Once you’re out, check the currents. Avoid swimming against the current.

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