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More Red-Light Cameras Approved in West Palm Beach

If you’re going to be driving through West Palm Beach, you might want to be a little more obedient at intersections. The city has decided to expand its red-light camera program.

Cameras are going up at 25 more intersections, according to The Palm Beach Post. When they are up and running, the city will have a total of 32 intersections equipped with these cameras.

The decision to increase the number of cameras was pushed through even though a city police report pointed out that five of the current seven red-light cameras saw the number of crashes double since they were installed. Our West Palm Beach car accident attorneys understand that there has been some controversy about these cameras across the nation. There have been many accusations of cities installing the cameras to generate revenue while actually increasing the risks for rear-end accidents.

The new cameras locations will include:

-Eastbound traffic at Forest Hill Boulevard and Dixie Highway.

-Eastbound traffic at North Congress Avenue and Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard.

-Both west- and eastbound traffic at Military trail and 45th Street.

Police Chief Vince Demasi says that it hasn’t been determined yet if red-light cameras have been able to reduce the number of accidents in the city. He says that law enforcement officers will be examining the system as they install the new cameras in the coming months. He does add that he believes that they would have been more useful in different locations, but still feels that they will have a positive impact on roadway safety.

Law officers are thankful for these cameras because they don’t have to be there in person to patrol these intersections. It’s saving a lot of money — and the citations are making lots of money in return.

If you’re busted running a red light at these intersections, you’re going to be slapped with a $158 citation. First the citations will be used to cover the cost of city personnel who look over the pictures taken by these cameras as well as the cost of mailing the citations, which is expected to run about $20,000 a month. For each citation, the city can expect to receive $75. Additional revenue that’s generated will be sent to the city as pure profit. The vendor of these cameras is going to get a fat check of more than $245,000 each month for just the new cameras.

The previous vendor actually lost us money, and even with the switch in vendors — the city says it’s not doing this to generate a profit — instead insisting it’s for the safety of travelers. City leaders add that the new locations of the cameras include much more populated areas, whereas the old locations were not as beneficial.

Unfortunately, intersection car accidents can be more common with cameras because drivers are more likely to slam on their brakes to avoid getting a ticket. Be safe out there, travel cautiously and be aware of your surroundings!

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