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Palm Beach Traffic Accidents & Super Bowl Sunday Risks

You might want to stay off of our roadways Sunday night if you can — In that regard, watching the big game with a few friends is an excellent idea. You’ve probably got some plans for the big game and whether you’re rooting for the Ravens or for the 49ers, you’re urged to do so safely. Super Bowl celebrations, like home parties and gatherings at the sports bar, usually include a lot of alcohol.

Our Palm Beach accident lawyers are asking drivers to stay sober this Sunday. You might not walk out the door saying, “I’m going to go out drinking and then drive home.” But we understand that sometimes drivers might find themselves without a sober way to get home. There are plenty of alternative ways to find your way back home that don’t involve getting behind the wheel. Review the following safety tips before throwing on your favorite jersey and heading out for the big game.

Tips to Avoid Drunk Driving:

-Before heading out for the Super Bowl, make sure you’ve got a designated driver on your team. You should make sure that your designated driver understands that their responsibility is to consumer nothing and to get everyone home safely. The designated driver isn’t the one who has had the least to drink.

-If you’re out, you’ve been drinking and you don’t have a designated driver, don’t worry. Keep phone numbers to taxi companies with you. A safe and sober ride is only a phone call away.

-If you’re stuck without a ride, call a friend or a family member and ask them to pick you up and take you home.

-You can take advantage of the local transportation system if you’re too intoxicated to drive. Just make sure you know the bus schedule before you head out.

-If you absolutely cannot find a ride home, just stay over at a friend or a family member’s house. If you’re not anywhere near them, consider snagging a hotel room for the night. The cost of an overnight stay in a hotel is a lot cheaper than an overnight stay in the hospital or in jail.

-Those concerned about an erratic driver or the behavior of another motorist can call the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) at *347. Make sure you call with the location of the vehicle in question, the make, model and color of it as well as a description of the driver if possible. Don’t attempt to stop the driver yourself. You don’t want to put yourself at any risk.

The truth of the matter is that thousands are killed in drunk driving car accidents every year. There’s no need for it; these accidents are completely preventable. Stay out from behind the wheel if you’re drinking during the big game and help to keep our roadways safe for all.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a drunk driving car accident, contact Freeman, Mallard, Sharp & Gonzalez, LLC for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call 1-800-561-7777.

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