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Wife Sues FDOT after Construction Zone Car Accident in Florida

A woman recently filed a lawsuit against the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) after the death of her husband in the iRox Interstate-75 expansion construction area. The woman is claiming that the negligence of FDOT and contractors in the construction area caused the wrongful death of her husband.

Construction zones are dangerous for both workers and for passing motorists. As millions travel through the state during the holiday season, drivers are asked to be cautious of one another and for those whom we are sharing the road with, including construction workers. Car accidents in Margate and elsewhere can happen in a matter of seconds if a driver is not paying full attention to the roadway. Be alert and cautious during the upcoming holiday travel season to avoid a serious collision.

Our Margate car accident attorneys understand Florida’s highways rank as some of the most dangerous in the country. Your risks of a traffic accident are even higher when traveling through a construction zone. With traffic expected to be more chaotic through the remainder of the year, drivers are asked to pay even more attention to our roadways. Construction zones, other vehicles, pedestrians, motorcycles, etc., all serve as dangerous hazards on our roadways and can only remain safe with the practice of safe driving habits.

The woman decided to sue FDOT and the construction contractors after the fatal October accident that took the life of her husband. Road work was being done along Interstate 75 between Naples and Fort Myers. Her husband was reportedly driving by mile marker 105 when his vehicle was thrown out of the lane. He over-corrected, drove over numerous lanes of traffic and slammed into some steel cables that were in the median. The collision between his SUV and the cables caused the vehicle to flip several times. Reports indicate that the roadway, that was uneven because of the ongoing construction work, caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle in the first place. The driver was not wearing a seat belt and the time of the accident, was ejected from the vehicle and died.

In the wrongful-death suit that the wife is filing, she claims that both the contractors and the FDOT were negligent in their work. She says that their negligence caused the fatal accident. The suit goes on to say that both parties had a responsibility to make sure that the work was done so in a way that passing vehicular traffic could get through safely and that those workers failed to fulfill that responsibility.

In addition to those claims, the lawsuit points out that the signage, including road markers, barricades, warning signs, etc., were confusing, misplaced and faulty. Also, she claims that the contractors failed to reduce the speed limit to accommodate that work zone.

When a fatal accident occurs, family members of the victim may collect the compensation for the damages. These damages can include pain, loss of companionship, suffering, medical expenses, loss of future earnings, funeral expenses, etc.

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