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New App Alerting Parents of Their Teen’s Driving Habits Including Car Accidents in Martin County and Elsewhere

Teen drivers face severe risks for car accidents in Martin County and elsewhere throughout the remainder of the year and through the holiday season. For parents who wish to keep their eyes on their teen driver’s habits behind the wheel , there may soon be an app for that.

Government officials in the state are currently discussing Senate Bill 854 and House Bill 571, which could offer parents text-message or email alerts regarding their teen’s driving for just a $5 one-time fee.

Our Martin County car accident attorneys understand that teen drivers face some of the highest risks for car accidents. These young drivers are more likely to get into an accident than older, more experienced drivers. Now, parents can be alerted whenever their teenager is written a traffic citation, when their license has been suspended, when they’ve been convicted of a traffic violation and most importantly when they’ve been in a car accident, according to Hernando Today. Parents can use this service for teen drivers under the age of 19.

The $5 fee would be used to cover the expenses of the program. If it brings in any additional cash, then the funds would be used to promote safe teen driving.

State Rep. Richard Steinberg, D-Miami, and Sen. Greg Evers, R- Baker, wrote the bills and say that they got the idea from lawmakers in New York who have already launched a program just like it.

“I think that the fact that mom or dad would find out will make them drive safer and therefore make roads safer,” said Steinberg.

Parents of teen drivers are urged to discuss the importance of safe driving habits with their young drivers, especially as we kick off the holiday season. As more and more motorists flock to the Sunshine State to celebrate the rest of 2011, the risks of accidents increase. Talk to your teen about ways to avoid an accident during the chaotic holiday season.

Safe teen driving tips, from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles:

-Make sure everyone in the vehicle wears a seat belt during every car ride.

-Keep the number of passengers minimal. Passengers increase distractions and the risks for an accident.

-Make sure your tires are in good condition and that they’re properly inflated.

-Keep your windshield clean to maximize visibility behind the wheel.

-Never drink and drive and never ride with a driver who has been drinking.

-Turn your headlights on, even in the daytime, to make your vehicle more visible to oncoming drivers.

-Get the necessary directions before departing. Knowing how to get to your destination in advance will help you to avoid dangerous distractions, including road maps and GPS devices.

-Obey all speed limits, traffic lights and all other traffic devices.

-Don’t blast your music. Loud music serves as a dangerous distraction.

-Be aware of weather and traffic conditions before setting out.

-Avoid driving during the evening and on weekends when traffic get crowded.

If you or your teen driver has been involved in a car accident in Martin County, Fort Pierce, Lake Worth, Hollywood, St. Lucie, Sunrise or the surrounding areas, contact a personal injury lawyer at Freeman, Mallard, Sharp & Gonzalez, LLC. Call 1-800-561-7777 for a free consultation with an experienced attorney today.

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