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Winning a favorable verdict in a Florida auto accident lawsuit isn’t necessarily the last word in the matter. This can be good or bad, depending on which side of the courtroom you’re sitting. A series of post-trial motions can alter the verdict, resulting in less compensation, more compensation or a new trial altogether. 

When a defendant asks that the amount of damages be lowered, this is known as a remittitur. When a plaintiff asks for higher damages, this is known as an additur. Trial court judges usually will not disturb a verdict unless there is credible evidence that the jury’s award is grossly excessive or that there has been some gross error in awarding damages. Trial courts have a lot of discretion when it comes to these matters, but of course, it’s not without limit.

In the recent case of GEICO v. Isaacs, Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal reversed the trial court’s ruling not to disturb the jury’s damage award, finding a remittitur request from the defendant should have been granted.  Continue reading →

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A defective auto parts lawsuit has been filed against a manufacturer by a California resident who alleges defendant failed to disclose a dangerous and material defect in the throttle control system of the vehicle.

In Shively v. BMW, plaintiff seeks class action status for his claim.

The lawsuit alleges breach of implied warranties and violations of the Unfair Competition Act, False Advertising Law and Consumer Legal Remedies Act. It also alleges defendant engaged in fraudulent concealment and nondisclosure for not informing customers of defective and potentially dangerous conditions of the cars they sold. Continue reading →

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