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In car accidents, as in life, events often unfold as a result of a series of actions or inaction. What this means for accident lawyers is there is often more than one responsible party in these cases, and that’s why litigation stemming from a seemingly simple crash can end up being quite complex.

Take for example the case of 40-year-old actor Paul Walker. The handsome, popular actor was tragically killed in a fiery crash in a suburb of Los Angeles in 2013 after a charity event. An investigation revealed the 2005 Porsche Careera GT driven by Walker’s friend, a professional race car driver, careened out of control before slamming into a grouping of trees and a utility pole. The sports car ignited and both men died.

Coincidentally, Walker was in the midst of his seventh installment of a successful movie series about illegal street racing of expensive sports cars.

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Prevailing in an auto accident case means you have to prove more than negligence of the at-fault driver. It means you have to show the injuries you sustained – those for which you are seeking compensation – were the proximate result of that crash.

This can be especially challenging for individuals who suffered prior health problems or injuries that occurred subsequent to the accident.

Such claims will require extensive medical records, expert witness testimony and the aid of an experienced car accident lawyer.

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