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Anyone familiar with West Palm Beach or other South Florida cities knows what a canal is.  These are man-made drainage trenches controlled by Utilities and Drainage Districts, and they are there to alleviate flood risks and also for irrigation.  They are often fenced-off and are known for being home to alligators.  From time to time, we see car accidents in which a vehicle ends up in the one of the canals, which often results in serious personal injury or even death.

car accident Lawyers South Florida According to a recent news article from the Palm Beach Post, a 26-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly crashed his car in to a canal in West Palm Beach and swam across the canal to flee the accident.  The car was submerged in deep water in this canal at the time, and there was a female passenger still trapped inside. Continue reading →

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Plaintiffs in a teen car accident injury case will have to prepare for trial, after the Alabama Supreme Court reversed a default judgment against defendant. loggingtruck1

In most cases, default judgments are not preferred in injury cases. Whereas a summary judgment may be granted prior to trial as a matter of law, default judgments are granted typically when a defendant(s) fails to timely respond to a complaint or appear in court.

Default judgments are often overturned if a defendant can show good cause why he or she did not respond/appear in court. In the case of Hilyer v. Fortier, the issue came down to a misunderstanding between the defendant and two insurance agents – each of whom though the other was handling the claim and civil defense in the case.

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