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Deadly Auto Accidents in South Florida

When a fatal Florida car accident occurs, there will be additional types of damages apart from what is typically awarded in other cases. Fatal crash claims are still generally filed under a theory of negligence, but there can also be a wrongful death component which allows for additional damages. In our state, there is a specific wrongful death act that is governed under Section 768.16 and the several sections that follow of Chapter 768 of the Florida Statutes. One of the more important components of the Wrongful Death Act that provides for the ability to file such an action can be found in Section 768.19.

Specifically, Section 768.19 provides that if a person could otherwise bring a negligence case against a person under the laws in Florida, and the alleged negligent act resulted in a death, the plaintiff may bring a wrongful death action. As our West Palm Beach car accident lawyers can explain, there is a also a provision related to boating accidents on navigable waters.  This is important because some federal laws also come into play, and also the number of boating accidents that occur in South Florida.  These case operate somewhat similarly to a South Florida car accident, but there are important differences you can discuss during a free initial consultation should this apply to your actual case.

According to a recent news article from the Miami Herald, a high school math teacher died when he was involved in car crash with a police cruiser.  In addition to the one fatality resulting for the Miami car crash,  two police officers were also injured.

Authorities have said the 51-year-old math teacher, who worked at local academic magnet school, was driving when he was involved in a fatal collision with the police cruiser. When EMTs arrived at the scene, the found the teacher non-responsive. There was nothing they could do for him and he was soon pronounced death on the scene of the crash. The two officers were treated on the scene and then rushed to a local trauma center where they were both reported as being in stable condition.

The exact extent of the officers’ injuries were not released.  Authorities were not immediately sure of the reason for the crash, but did begin an investigation and the district attorney’s representative was present.  However, there have been on formal accusations of negligence or criminal conduct reported as of the time of this article.

When there is an accident involving police officers, you can expect a most thorough investigation.  This does not mean they will be quick to release the results of the investigation or share any documentation with victim’s families. For this reason, any crash injury victim or surviving family member should speak with an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible, so the attorney can begin conducting a separate investigation as well.

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