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I-95 Wrong Way Collision Kills Fort Lauderdale Motorcylist

Wrong-way accidents continue to be a threatening and fatal phenomenon in South Florida and nationwide. While some of these accidents are caused by drunk driving or negligence, others are related to improper signage and confusing on or off ramps. Wrong-way accidents pose a significant threat to drivers and other motorists because they often result in fatalities. In another tragic case, a fatal wrong-way accident on I-95 resulted in the death of a motorcycle. A recent report published the 911 calls that came in after the accident. The details of the collision demonstrate the devastation caused by wrong-way collisions and the high-risk of fatalities.

According to witnesses, a 41-year-old motorcyclist was struck head-on by a 20-year-old in an Acura Integra who was driving the wrong-way. The motorcyclist was killed in the accident but the driver survived. Our Fort Lauderdale motorcycle injury attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of victims and their families. Understanding the trends in highway accidents can help to prevent future collisions and injuries. This case highlights the frequency and danger of wrong-way accidents and is a reminder to all drivers on the road to be wary of signage when entering the freeway.

911 callers reported that the driver crawled out of the vehicle, but the motorcyclist went through the vehicle and landed in the backseat. Callers report that the driver was going against traffic in the express lane on the shoulder when he hit the motorcyclist head-on. After an initial investigation, Florida Highway Patrol affirmed this report. The 20-year-old driver had been traveling north in the southbound lanes of I-95.

Another witness was driving in the same lane but heading south. He spotted the oncoming vehicle and swerved to get out of the way. Still the driver was sideswiped on the left side before the oncoming vehicle struck the motorcyclist. According to investigators, the motorcyclist came crashing through the windshield at the moment of impact and was pinned in the back of the Acura. Emergency crews rushed to the scene and worked to save the motorcyclist but, tragically, he was pronounced dead on-scene. The crash shut down that portion of the Interstate for several hours.

The accused driver in this case suffered from minor injuries. The cause of the wrong-way collision is under investigation; the driver could potentially face criminal charges. As with any accident that leads to criminal charges, a conviction could also be used to prove negligence in a civil trial. Authorities did not speak out about whether the driver was under the influence or what caused the wrong-way accident. Like many wrong-way collisions, the results were deadly, and any responsible individuals or entities should be held accountable. The victims’ family has the right to pursue a full and independent investigation and to take legal action against responsible parties. The victim’s family and friends organized a memorial motorcycle ride to Fort Lauderdale beach to commemorate his life.

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