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Fort Lauderdale Bus Accident Sends Six to Hospital

Accidents involving public transportation can result in significant injuries, wrongful death, and complex litigation involving multiple plaintiffs and defendants. In a recent South Florida case, a bus crash near Fort Lauderdale sent six victims to the hospital. According to reports, the accident involved a city bus as well as a four-door Jeep. In addition to the number of injuries arising from the accident, the crash left the Jeep heavily damaged. This case is a reminder of the potential dangers of bus accidents, as well as the complications that may arise in personal injury litigation.

Nationwide, public transportation companies, as well as city buses, have been the target of lawsuits for serious injury or accidental death. These cases can be complicated as they often involve multiple plaintiffs and formidable defendants. Our Fort Lauderdale bus accident attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of victims and maximizing compensation for pain and suffering, medical costs, lost wages, long-term care needs, funeral expenses, and other personal losses or property damage rising from a collision. We will take the time to review the facts of every case and identify all responsible parties.

Authorities reported that six patients were rushed by ambulance to two different hospitals. In addition to these six victims, there were several other injured persons who determined that they did not need emergency care. Five of the victims were on the bus and the other injured party was driving the Jeep. Though none of the injuries were life threatening, any injury involving medical treatment could result in other losses. Patients treated at the hospital may be entitled to compensation for lost wages as well as medical costs. In the event of an accident, it is important to seek out appropriate medical care to ensure proper documentation and a just recovery from your insurer.

Accident liability is fact dependent and who pays often depends on who is determined to be at fault. In this case, the driver of either vehicle, as well as the transportation company or a public entity, could be deemed a defendant in a lawsuit. For victims and their loved ones, it is important to consult with a trusted advocate and to consult with independent investigators about the cause of the accident. Identifying defendants, including a reckless driver, negligent bus company, or errant manufacturing company is critical to a successful personal injury claim.

In addition to recovering compensation for personal injury and medical expenses, victims of a collision are also entitled to compensation for property damages. In this case, the driver of the Jeep should be able to recover from the bus company, or his or her own insurance carrier for the costs of repair or total replacement. Any accident that results in injury should be reviewed by an experienced advocate. Though an insurance company may reach out to you with a settlement immediately following an accident, you want to make sure you are compensated for immediate as well as future costs. Settling too early and for a smaller sum could prohibit you from recovering future damages.

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