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West Palm Beach Bike Accidents a Danger for Commuters

The inflated gas prices the last few months have motorists considering whether biking is a more viable option when it comes to commuting to and from work and in and around the city streets and roadways.

The expense of bicycling is much more cost efficient but there are other things to consider, like the risk of being involved in a bicycle accident in West Palm Beach. Injuries sustained in a bicycle accident can often be severe or even fatal so our Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident attorneys want to remind cyclists to use caution when opting to bicycle to work.

May is Bicycle Safety Awareness month so in order to increase awareness, Florida Today reported about the recent promotion of National Bike to Work day where commuters swapped from four wheels to two.

League of American Bicyclists, an enthusiasts group based in Washington, D.C, urged workers to get a free ride to work by bicycling instead of driving to both, enhance public health and save money in the family budget.
In 2008, approximately 800,000 people opted to bicycle as their primary mode of transportation. Today, bicyclists represent .5 percent of commuters sharing U.S. roadways. Improving safety would likely get people to bike more, especially with gas prices on the rise and no clear outlook of them every getting back to what they were.

Florida is no stranger to the danger involved with bicycling accidents as our state lead the nation in the number of fatalities reported in 2008 as we posted previously on our South Florida Injury Lawyers Blog. Florida reported a total of 125 bicyclist fatalities in 2008 which was significantly higher than any other state.

Naples News recently reported that improving safety with the addition of bike lanes will lead more people to cycling as a means of transportation. Naples contains over 200 miles of bike lanes throughout the city which makes it easier for bicyclist to get away from vehicles and maintain a safer ride. The reasons for opting to bike to work rather than drive are plentiful and many online resources offer assistance in motivating this effort. These resources include:

-Counting how many calories you burn during your commute at

-Counting how much money you saved on gas at

-Calculate how much carbon dioxide you freed the atmosphere of at

No matter what your motivation is, the following are tips to keep in mind while bicycling to work:

-Pick a safe route with less traffic congestion or cycle to work during non-peak rush hour traffic.
-Make riding fun by picking a scenic route or finding a friend to ride with to work.

-Ride a bike that is comfortable, fits your size and height, and properly maintained with air in the tires and reflectors properly located on the bike.

-Keep a set of clothes at work to wear so all you need to tote is a small bag while you are biking.

Motorists and bicyclists are reminded to share the roadways in order to reduce the risk of bicycle accidents in Florida by being cautious and aware of each other on the roadways.

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