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Unrested Drivers Causing Car Accidents in Deerfield Beach and Elsewhere despite New Technology

Our Deerfield Beach car accident lawyers oftentimes talk about the dangers of drunk driving, distracted driving, teenage driving and aggressive driving. We’re going to be focusing on sleepy drivers throughout this blog entry as well as the risks that are associated with drowsy driving. Even though nearly 100 percent of all drivers view this driving behavior as completely unacceptable and unsafe, about a third of all drivers admit to driving while drowsy, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Every year, there are more than 100,000 auto accidents in Deerfield Beach and elsewhere that are caused by drowsy drivers. Many officials believe that the true accident number is much higher because it’s virtually impossible for a law enforcement officer or emergency responder to identify a driver’s drowsiness and its role in an accident. Of the 100,000 accidents that are reported annually, more than 1,500 people are killed and another 40,000 are injured. These are car accidents that are completely preventable with a little bit of responsibility.

To help to fight against drowsy driving-related car accidents, car manufacturers are equipping more and more vehicles with crash-avoidance technology, according to Car manufacturers warn that this technology does not replace drivers’ common sense, like a good night’s sleep or safe driving habits, but it may help to bring down the number of car accidents.

What’s is Crash-Avoidance Technology?

-Blind spot detection.

-Lane departure warning.

-Emergency brake assistance.

-Forward collision warning.

-Adaptive headlights.

Officials suggest that both the lane departure technology and the forward warning technology will be able to help keep drowsy drivers on our roadways by overtaking the vehicle’s controls when needed, according to David Zuby with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). These technologies are not to be relied on however, in place of alert driving techniques.

In 2012, there were 68 new vehicle makes that had at least one of these technologies. In 2011, there were only 45 makes that met these criteria, illustrating the growing popularity of these devices.

Oftentimes, drivers are offered insurance deals for having this technology in their vehicles. While this technology may be able to help us stay on the road a little better, it’s certainly not a substitute for driver awareness. Drivers are still asked to drive responsibly, regardless of the presence of crash-avoidance technology. Be sure that you’re well-rested whenever you get behind the wheel. The road and the task of driving deserve your full attention. Don’t shortchange driving tasks and put your life, and the lives of other motorists, at risk.

If you or someone who is close to you has been injured in a car accident in Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale or in any of the nearby areas, the South Florida personal injury lawyers at Freeman & Mallard are here to help you understand your rights and are ready to fight for the compensation that you deserve. Call today to set up a free and confidential review of your rights. 1-800-561-7777.
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