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Type of accident, type of vehicle can impact chances of serious or fatal injury in Fort Lauderdale car accident

The majority of fatal car accidents in West Palm Beach and elsewhere continue to involve passenger cars, although rollovers more frequently involve trucks and SUVs, according to new information released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Our West Palm Beach car accident attorneys also note that the type of vehicle and type of accident can influence your risk of serious or fatal injuries.

Together those vehicles were involved in more than 9.5 million of the nation’s 10 million traffic accidents in 2008.

-Passenger cars: 14,587 fatalities and 1.3 million injuries.

-Light trucks: 10,764 fatalities and 768,000 injuries.

-SUVs: 4,186 fatalities and 361,000 injuries.

-Pickup trucks: 5,073 fatalities and 250,000 injuries.

-Vans: 1,491 fatalities and 145,000 injuries.

The number of motorists injured or killed in SUV accidents increased. Additionally, SUVs were most likely to be involved in a fatal rollover accident. In all, 42 percent of fatal crashes involving SUVs were rollover accidents, compared to 34 percent for trucks and 23 percent for vans and passenger cars.

Occupants of passenger cars involved in head-on collisions with light trucks were four times more likely to be killed than truck occupants. Additionally, the report found that a vehicle struck in the side was most likely to result in fatalities during a so-called “t-bone collision.”

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