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Traffic Accidents Continue to be Leading Killer in Work-Related Accidents in Port St. Lucie and the Rest of the State

More than 200 employees died in 2010 because of work accidents in Margate and elsewhere throughout the state of Florida. While this is a decrease in the number of fatal work accidents by about 30 deaths from the previous year, transportation accidents continue to be the number one cause of death for workers in Florida, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nearly 100 workers in Florida died in 2010 of transportation-related work accidents. These types of accidents took the lives of more workers than falls, explosions, fires, violent acts, assaults, equipment-related accidents and harmful exposure accidents.

To help to reduce the risks of work-related car accidents in Miami, we invite you to participate in Drive Safely Work Week. This awareness campaign is taking place this week through Oct. 7. The event is used to encourage employers to push for safer driving habits among workers, which includes addressing the dangers of distracted driving. This year’s campaign has been titled “Focus 360°: Getting there safely is everyone’s business.” It is being presented by Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The 2011 campaign affects everyone on our roadways. Officials are reaching passengers, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to discuss the little things we all can do to help prevent distraction-related car accidents. Employers have the ability to share the message with nearly half of U.S. residents. Employer support in this campaign is critical to spread the word and to help prevent these accidents.

NETS suggests your company follows one of the following paths this year:

-If you don’t have a policy in place already, create and enforce a cell phone policy in your workplace. Drivers should refrain from using their cell phones while driving on the job.

-If you already have a policy, share safety tips and conduct activities that can help reinforce your plan.

-If you don’t wish to enact some sort of cell phone policy, you are still urged to talk with your employees about the dangers, consequences and risks associated with distracted driving.

The 2010 Drive Safely Work Week recruited the participation of approximately 5,000 organizations. Since then, nearly 90 percent of them have enacted some sort of cell phone policy kit at their workplace.

In 2009, there were approximately 5,500 people killed on U.S. roadways because of traffic accidents that involved a distracted driver. Another 448,000 people were injured in these incidents. These types of accidents account for roughly 20 percent of all reported fatal accidents in the country. Drivers who use a cell phone while driving have the same reaction time as a driver who is legally drunk. These accidents are completely preventable with a little knowledge and responsibility.

As technology continues to advance, unfortunately so do in-car distractions. Drivers are urged to get involved in this year’s campaign and help the push for safer roadways. Drivers should be focused on one thing and one thing only — driving!

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