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Teens’ Risks for Car Accidents in Fort Lauderdale and Elsewhere Up with Passengers

Our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys have been talking recently about the risks that teens are facing on our roadways. During this time of the year, the summer months, teens face the highest risks for car accidents. They’ll be enjoying a break away from school and will be hitting our roads in full force. The month of May is actually one of the deadliest times on our roadways for these young motorists.

Car accidents in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere continue to be the number one killer for teens across the United States. According to a recent study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, parents can help to reduce these risks for their teen by regulating the number of passengers that are allowed in their teen’s vehicle. The recent study, “Teen Driver Risk in Relation to Age and Number of Passengers,” concluded that the presence of young passengers increases a teen driver’s risk for an accident. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), teen drivers in the state of Florida have no passenger restrictions. The AAA study revealed that states with strict graduated driver’s licensing (GDL) programs typically see fewer car accidents among these young drivers than states with more relaxed laws. That’s where parents come in. We’re asking for parents to step in and to create and enforce their own passenger restrictions to help to keep our roadways safe.

The study looked at drivers that were both 16- and 17-years-old. When there was one passenger present who was under the age of 21-years-old, the risks for accidents increased by nearly 45 percent. When there were two young passengers present, the risks for accidents doubled. When there were three or more of these young passengers, risks for an accident quadrupled.

On the other hand, teen drivers who had a passenger present who was over the age of 34-years-old, saw risks for a fatal accident decrease by more than 60 percent and their risks for police-reported accident decrease by nearly 50 percent. This illustrates why it’s so important to ride along with your teen and to ride along with them often. Riding with them during their first few years behind the wheel helps them to create safe, responsible and lifelong driving habits. What these drivers do behind the wheel during their first few years with a license will largely determine their driving habits for the rest of their lives. Let’s work together to make these lifelong habits safe and responsible ones!

“These findings should send a clear message to families that parents can make their teens safer,” said President and CEO of AAA, Peter Kissinger.

Parents are urged to talk with their teen driver before the summer gets into full swing. Talk to your teen driver about the risks and the consequences that are associated with dangerous and irresponsible driving habits behind the wheel.

If you or your teen driver has been injured or killed in an auto accident in Fort Lauderdale or in any of the nearby areas, the Broward personal injury lawyers at Freeman & Mallard are here to help you understand your rights. We are here for you, ready to fight for the compensation that you deserve. Call us today to set up a free and confidential review of your case, 1-800-561-7777.

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