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When you buy a used car, you may factor in a few needed maintenance repairs into the cost. However, you don’t expect that the very device intended to save your life could actually maim or kill you.

However, a recent crash in Nevada highlighted an unfortunate hole in the efforts of the government to remove dangerous exploding airbag inflators made by Takata off the road. Specifically, there is nothing in the law that requires these devices be removed from wrecked cars and then reinstalled into new ones.

In the Nevada case, an 18-year-old woman’s trachea was punctured when shrapnel came spewing at her from her airbag when she crashed in Las Vegas. The collision was deemed relatively minor. The greatest threat to the driver was the airbag – the very contraption designed to save her life in the event of a serious crash. She nearly died, but survived and is still recovering. Surgeons had to remove several pieces that severely damaged her vocal cords. Continue reading →

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Older models of Jeep Cherokee vehicles have been implicated in 270 traffic deaths so far and thousands of lawsuits. Now, in the latest of those, which involves two decedents and 17 defendants, alleges FCA – the company that used to be known as Chrysler – knew about a fatal defect in the vehicle design and dragged its feet on issuing a recall. 

Ultimately, manufacturers recalled more than 1.6 million Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles made between 1993 and 2004. But that was almost three years after consumer advocate Ralph Nader first called for the manufacturer to issue a recall. Nader in 2011 called the vehicles, “a modern day Pinto for soccer moms” that was prone to burst into flames when struck from behind.

It wasn’t until 2014 that Jeep first announced it would offer a “fix” – a trailer hitch installed between the rear axle and bumper. Many questioned whether that alone was adequate. Continue reading →

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