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Florida drivers are among the worst in the country, according to a new state-by-state analysis by EverQuote.distracted driving

The findings are especially troubling when you consider the details on texting-and-driving, which is currently still only a secondary offense in Florida, meaning law enforcement officers must observe some other offense (i.e., speeding, swerving, running a red light) in order to cite a driver for a violation. Even then, the fine schedule is so small it hardly qualifies as a deterrent.

The EverQuote analysis found that in Florida:

  • 44 percent of drives involve the use of a phone;
  • 38 percent of drives involve a motorist who is speeding;
  • 19 percent of drives contain some type of aggressive acceleration;
  • 32 percent of drives involve some type of harsh braking;
  • 15 percent of drives contain some degree of poor turning.

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