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We often use the terms car “accident.” However, in reality, the term crash would probably be more appropriate.  The reason for this is because when we think of an accident in the non-legal sense, we tend to think of something that just happens and can’t be avoided – something that is nobody’s fault.

drunk driving accident lawyerHowever, we know most car accidents are someone’s fault, and the accident occurred due to negligence of the at-fault driver, and, had the driver been more careful, the accident could probably have been avoided. Continue reading →

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When you are injured in a serious crash, it’s important not to negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurance company until you have spoken with an injury attorney. Victims of major auto accidents may be entitled to a substantial amount of damages, and signing off too early could result in forfeiting money you’re owed.

According to a recent news report from CBS 12, a firefighter from Fort Lauderdale was seriously injured in a car crash in West Palm Beach, Florida. This serious car crash occurred on Northlake Boulevard near Coconut Avenue.

car accident lawyerAuthorities have said victim was driving his personal vehicle in the Palm Beach Gardens area, and was only a few miles away from his home.   He was on his way home from a long shift at his fire station in Fort Lauderdale when he was allegedly rear-ended by another driver.  The force of the collision was so significant that it caused his car to hit a tree and roll over. Continue reading →

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There is an erroneous stereotype that holds old drivers are bad drivers.carcrash9

The reality, however, is quite the opposite. A new report issued by the Insurance Institute for Traffic Safety indicates drivers over the age of 65, when compared to other age groups, are less likely to text and drive, more likely wear to their seat belts and rarely drink and drive.

That makes them among the safest drivers on the road. However, they are more likely to be killed if involved in a crash. The reasons for that are nuanced and individual circumstances often have much to do with it. It’s worth analyzing though, particularly as we consider that within the next decade, 25 percent of all drivers in the U.S. will be 65 or older.

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