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Spring a dangerous time for teen car accidents in Fort Lauderdale

Spring Break, proms and graduations are all exciting events that teens are about to embark on during this time of year. A previous post on our Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorney Blog reported the about the dangers teens face because it is high traffic season in Florida and they frequent the roadways more often attending these kinds of events.

Our car accident attorneys in West Palm Beach, Miami and elsewhere in South Florida want to remind teens not to succumb to peer pressure by drinking and driving, driving distracted, or driving aggressively.

Teen car accidents in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere in the country are typically caused by irresponsible driving behavior. Tampa Bay Online reports that events like proms and graduations are an invitation for irresponsible driving behaviors so law enforcement and school officials are reaching out to remind teens of the dangers faced this time of year.

Hosting events like mock crashes and funerals, and “scared straight” lectures is a way to speak to teens in hopes of having them sign a pledge to not drive distracted or drive under the influence.

In 2009, statistics show that on average of eight teen’s ages 16 to 19 died every day from injuries in motor vehicle crashes. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there are several factors that can contribute to teen fatalities in motor vehicle crashes.

-Teens are the least likely age group to wear a seat belt.

-They have the least amount of driving experience.

-Teens are easily distracted by cell phones and texting while they are driving.

-Passengers that are riding with them, especially other teens, distract their attention from driving.

-Drugs and alcohol often play are role in teen crashes.

Mock crashes are performed at high schools throughout the state this time of year as painstakingly real events that should hit home with teens. The events rely on police, firefighters, paramedics, funeral homes, and others in the community to make them real. For example, firefighters cut bloodied teen actors out of smashed-up cars, who are then carried away by emergency crews. Another approach is to dress teen students in black “ghost” t-shirts which symbolized teens that had been killed in a car crash. The teens entered the auditorium with candles before paramedics and firefighters showed gruesome photos from accident scenes involving teens.

The message being conveyed is pretty clear. Communities are trying to keep teens safe by demonstrating the dangers young drivers can face while driving. It only takes a second for a crash to occur so drive responsibly and save the celebrating with friends for when you aren’t behind the wheel.

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