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South Florida Victim Files Lawsuit for Air Bag Defect Injuries

Consumers who suffer from an injury as a result of a manufacturing defect have the right to take legal action against the automobile maker or other companies responsible for the defect. In a recent South Florida case, a woman was in a minor accident when her air bag deployed. A piece of metal shot out of the airbag and struck the woman in the forehead, leaving her permanently scarred. She has brought a lawsuit against the airbag company responsible for the defective product installed in her 2001 Honda Civic.

The airbag company is currently to blame for a nationwide recall of several vehicle models that have installed the defective product. Unfortunately, for many consumers, they will not realize that they are in danger until it is too late. In this case, the woman did not realize her airbag was defective until she was involved in a collision which resulted in serious injuries caused by the defective airbag. Victims of accidents will often suffer from physical, as well as emotional trauma. In this case, the victim says she is still in shock, sad, and afraid to get behind the wheel.

The victim’s Honda Civic was one of eight million cars that are part of the recall over air bags produced by Takata Corporation. According to victims, police reports, and a growing amount of evidence against the company, the inflators in the air bag have been known to rupture and eject shrapnel in the event of a crash. The list of vehicles that have been recalled include cars from Honda, General Motors, approximately 25 million vehicles in the U.S., as well as recalls in other countries, including China, Japan, and throughout Europe.

In this case, the airbag left the victim permanently disfigured. Had the shrapnel struck her in the eye, she could have been blinded. If struck in another part of her head, she could have been killed. Tragically, defective automobile parts can leave consumers with catastrophic injuries, even in the event of a minor accident. Our Miami car accident attorneys are experienced with the investigation of collisions and defective parts. If you or someone you love has been injured, we can take a strategic approach to collect relevant evidence and pursue a lawsuit against negligent manufacturers or automobile parts companies.

The recent South Florida lawsuit is one of many mounting against Takata. According to representatives from the company, it is working with the federal government and automobile manufacturers to see that cars are safety recalled and repaired. According to the victim in this case, the deployed airbag and subsequent injury should offer a warning to other drivers. If your vehicle matches the make and model of recalled vehicles, you should have it inspected as soon as possible. Additional lawsuits are currently being filed in South Florida for similar accidents and injuries. Our legal team is prepared to investigate any accident claim to determine the cause of the injury, identify responsible parties, and pursue just compensation on your behalf.

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