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Rollover accidents in Port St. Lucie, West Palm Beach pose threat of serious injury

Rollover accidents aren’t the most common type of passenger vehicle crash but they are considered one of the most dangerous. South Florida drivers should use common sense under certain circumstances in order to avoid a West Palm Beach rollover accident from happening.

In 2009, there were 166 fatal passenger vehicle rollover crashes and 355 light truck fatal vehicle rollover crashes in the United States according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatal Analysis Reporting System.

Going back a year previous in 2008, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 35% of passenger vehicle occupant fatalities were from rollover crashes. The vehicle type found most in rollover accidents where occupants were fatally inured were SUV’s (58%) and pick-up trucks (48%). Only 25% of passenger cars occupants in rollover crashes were fatally injured. Statistics supported that more rollover accidents occur on rural roadways than in urban areas. Increased use of seat belts decreases the number of rollover fatalities.

Just recently in South Florida, Bradenton Herald reported a tragic rollover accident that ejected three occupants from their vehicle which resulted in one fatality. It appears the vehicle was coming to a curve when it left the roadway. The driver in an attempt to get back on the road over-compensated losing total control of the vehicle. The inability to get the vehicle back on the road caused it to roll over three times into a ditch.

The following are some common causes of rollover accidents:

-A vehicle hitting a ‘trip’ which is any obstacle that would cause a vehicle to rollover. Examples of trips are things like trees, ditches or curbs.

-Top heavy vehicles – any vehicle whose center of gravity is further from the ground will increase the chance of the vehicle rolling over.

-Driving aggressively – excessive speed and abrupt lane changes can cause a rollover accident
-Steering overcompensation can occur when a vehicle leaves the roadway and the driver over steers to get back on.

Beginning in 2012 all new passenger vehicles will be required to have electronic stability control (ESC) technology. This technology will automatically apply breaks when loss of steering is sensed in order to help the vehicle to steer in the right direction. The goal of ESC technology is to decrease rollovers as well as other accidents substantially by maintaining better control of your vehicle.

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