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Red-Light Camera Raking in Millions in Boynton Beach

Each month, Boynton Beach dished out more than $52,000 for violations caught by the red-light cameras that have been installed at some of the busiest and most crash-prone intersections in the area.

At these intersections, there are more than 10 cameras that have been supplied by the Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions. Each of these cameras comes with a flat monthly fee of $4,750, according to News Channel 5. The cost of these cameras might seem a little steep to some. But since the cameras were launched in June of 2011, the City has raked in more than $2.05 million!

“It’s worth it because we’re saving peoples’ lives,” said Stephanie Slater, Boynton Beach Police Department spokeswoman.

Our Boynton Beach car accident lawyers understand that intersections are some of the most dangerous places to be on our roadways. Not only do you have to worry about red-light runners, but you’ve also got to worry about rear-end accidents. Officers say that you get to worry a bit less because the accident stats from the 1st of July through the 30th of November show that the cameras have been able to produce a near 60 percent decrease in the number of accidents.

At one of the intersections, at Boynton Beach Boulevard and Congress Avenue, accidents were down close to 60 percent. During that time the year before, there were 40 recorded accidents. This year, only 17 made it in the books.

These was a 59 percent reduction in the number of accidents at Wollbright Road and Congress Avenue, going from 22 to 9.

These was a 62 percent reduction in the number of accidents at Gateway Boulevard and Congress Avenue, going from 42 to 16.

Lastly, there was a 25 percent decrease in the number of accidents at Southeast 23rd Avenue and Federal Highway, going from 4 to just 3.

“These statistics show how cameras are helping us make our streets safer by changing driver behavior,” Matt Immler, Boynton Beach Police Chief.

According to the city’s finance director, Barry Atwood, there may even be five more intersections that could get these cameras.

Many residents are convinced that these red-light cameras are only out to get money. While many boast about the reduction in accidents, studies with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) say that the reduction is only in right-angle collisions and that the number of rear-end accidents actually increase. The FHWA study concluded that, at studied intersections with red-light cameras, the number of right-angle accidents actually decreased by about 25 percent, but the number of rear-end accidents actually increased by close to 20 percent.

Regardless, cameras or not, drivers are asked to be cautious when approaching and when driving through an intersection. These areas serve up some serious risks for accidents, which can be avoided with careful, alert and cautious driving.

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