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Prom night a danger for teens involved in drunk driving accidents in Fort Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is urging parents to talk to their teens about drinking and driving before Prom night arrives.

The U.S. Senate recently declared April 21st as Power Talk 21 day, a day dedicated nationally to parents discussing with teens about the dangers of alcohol, making smart choices and leading healthy lifestyles. MADD, in conjunction with the national event, has created the ‘Power of Parents, It’s Your Influence’ program to help parents who have a difficult time talking to their kids about the dangers of alcohol and the high risk of causing a drunk driving accident in Miami when driving under the influence.

St. Lucie car accident attorneys know that April, May, and June are the three deadliest months for teen drivers when it comes to alcohol-related crashes. In fact, a third of drunk driving fatalities involving teens nationwide each year occur during these three months.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports the following statistics related to teens and alcohol:

-Nationally, almost 3 million people are dependent or abuse alcohol between the ages of 12-20.

-It is estimated that 3 out of 4 high school students have admitted to alcohol consumption.

-6 out of 10 juniors and seniors admit to consuming their first alcoholic drink by the age of 16.

-60 percent of teen deaths in car crashes are alcohol-related.

-Teenage boys with a blood alcohol level of .05 are 18 times more likely to get in a single vehicle crash than a boy who hasn’t had any alcohol; girls are 54 times more likely under the same circumstances.

-An average of 8 teens die every day in drunk driving accidents.

-Admittedly, 6 out of 10 high school juniors and seniors have ridden in a car with an intoxicated teen driver behind the wheel.

Florida school systems try to do their part as they bring awareness to students about the dangers of drinking and driving on prom night. CBS Miami recently reported that Miami Beach Convention Center played host to the 12th annual Cheat the Reaper Teen Anti-DUI program. An estimated 1,000 high school students from Miami Beach and Miami Northwestern watched a simulated DUI crash presentation put together by school administrators, students, teachers and partners within the community. The mock DUI crash allowed students to witness first-hand the dangers and consequences of driving under the influence. It also reminds them of their signed oath made not to drink on prom night at the time they purchase their prom ticket.

The simulated prom night tragedy includes a staged accident, police response followed by an investigation, a sobriety test and an arrest of the teen driver. Fire and emergency rescuers were there to remove victims from the car and take them to the local hospital once they are stabilized. If this doesn’t send enough of a message, the point is driven home when funeral home directors transport victims in a hearse to a mock funeral.

South Florida police offers the following advice to parents for prom night:

-Set a curfew for your teen and know their exact plans for prom night.

-Arrange for a limo service but know the companies alcohol policy prior to the night of service.

-Assure your teen to call you if they find themselves in an unsafe predicament.

-For peace of mind, wait up for your teen until they return safely home.

Freeman, Mallard, Sharp & Gonzalez are an experienced team of car accident lawyers who represent victims and their families in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Margate. If you or a loved one has been injured in a drunk driving accident, call to make a free and confidential appointment at 1-800-529-2368.

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