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Pregnant Women Face Serious Risks in Car Accidents in Fort Lauderdale and Elsewhere

A recent car accident near Fort Lauderdale left a pregnant woman trapped in her vehicle. After three vehicles collided at West Sunrise Boulevard and Northwest 24th Avenue, the pregnant passenger had to be extricated from one of the vehicles, according to 7NEWS. Two others were injured in the accidents. The driver allegedly responsible was cited by officers.

Our Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers understand that parents are urged to properly buckle in young children during every car ride, but do parents know how to properly secure unborn children? There are critical steps that an expectant mother must take during every car ride to help ensure the safety of herself and her child.

Currently, states are not required to report fetal fatalities when submitting traffic accident data. But officials believe that anywhere from 300 to 1,000 unborn children are killed in car accidents every year. The fatal car accident rate for unborn children is nearly five times higher than the fatality rate for children under the age of four.

Why are pregnant passengers at a special risk during an automobile accident?:

The biggest risk for death in the event of an accident for an unborn child is placenta uterine attachment. This is a delicate attachment that doesn’t take a lot of force to detach inside the womb. When it does detach, an unborn child loses much-needed oxygen. These incidents account for about 80 percent of all fetuses lost in car crashes. In most of these cases, it happens when the abdomen hits the steering wheel.

Are there special instructions for pregnant women and seat belts?:

The normal seat belt is best for everyone, pregnant of not. Pregnant woman oftentimes misuse these devices, however. A lot of pregnant woman feel discomfort when wearing a seat belt and will allow both the shoulder portion and the lap portion to ride to the midsection of the stomach. Seat belts are designed to lie across bony sections of our body. You always want to keep the seat belt on your pelvis. If you’re sitting correctly, the combination of the seat belt and the air bag will work best in the event of a collision.

Are pregnant passengers or pregnant drivers at higher risks?:

In most accident scenarios, pregnant drivers are at higher risks for injury and death in the event of an accident. Pregnant women are better off in the passenger seat because a steering wheel isn’t close to the torso and the stomach.

Car accidents are the number one cause of death for pregnant women, according to The New York Times. More expectant mothers die in traffic accidents than in birthing complications. In fact, car accidents are the leading cause of death among individuals age 4- to 35-years-old.

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