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Orlando Car Accident Lawsuits and Calculation of Damages

If you are the victim of a serious car accident, you likely suffered many different types of harm. There is an emotional toll taken when you are the victim of serious car accident in South Florida.  This can include the shock caused during the accident and the mental anguish during the treatment and painful recovery from the accident.

This is what lawyers would call “suffering” in terms of damages.  Damages is basically a legal term to mean the money to which you are entitled as the victim of serious car accident or any other personal injury, for that matter.  The pain you experienced during the accident and treatment can also be reduced to financial figure, and this is typically coupled with the suffering damages and is expressed as a single figure for pain and suffering.  There are various other types of damages in a car accident case that we will discuss below, and they are also listed in Florida Statute 768.73.While it may seem difficult to reduce something as abstract as pain and suffering to a dollar value, that is exactly what our Orlando car accident lawyers do in every case we handle.  The reason for this is because you are entitled to be compensated for that pain and suffering. While it is physically impossible for a judge or jury to take away the pain as if it never happened, the law has determined that money is the best way to make things right, and that is why we ask for pain and suffering as part of your damages.

An example of a fatal Orlando car accident was recently reported by News 96.5 WBDO.  In this instance, two people were killed when a car crashed into a strip mall in Kissimmee. Police say that five people were in the vehicle at the time of the double fatal Orlando area car accident. The two victims were in the car that crashed into the mall. Fortunately, this occurred at a time when the strip mall was not crowded, so others were not harmed in the crash.  Authorities said the victims were all on their way home from soccer practice and had almost arrived at their destination when the accident occurred.   There have been no reports of the cause of this horrific crash, and there have been no reports of any criminal activity or negligence as of the time of this article.

As far as other types of damages, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, cost of rehabilitation and physical therapy, lost wages for time spent home from work while you are recovering, and other types of special damages.  In the case of a fatal car accident, you could file a claim for funeral damages, and there would likely be a more substantial lost wages claim as the decedent will never be able to work again and support his or her family members.

The surviving spouse if any, may be able to recover damages in his or her claim (in addition to the estate’s claims) for what is known as loss of consortium.

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