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NHTSA Campaign Fighting Car Accidents in Tamarac and Elsewhere

Our Tamarac car accident attorneys oftentimes talk about the risks and the dangers that are associated with dangerous distracted driving habits. When we discuss these kinds of dangers, we’re frequently talking about inexperienced, teenage drivers.

According to a recent survey from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), teen drivers aren’t only dangerous drivers when it comes to distractions they’re dangerous passengers, too. Teen passengers are some of the least likely of passengers to speak up when riding with a driver who is engaging in distractions and endangering the vehicle’s occupants on our roadways.

Older drivers were more likely to speak up and urge a driver to curb the distractions.

To help to get our teen passengers on board regarding the risks associated with distracting, and to get them to stop engaging in these dangerous distractions behind the wheel, the NHTSA is unveiling a new contest and campaign. It’s called the Distracted Driving Design Challenge and it’s asking teens between the ages of 13- and 18-years-old to design a social network icon. The winning icon will be used throughout the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) distracted driving campaign. The icon will be used on the Department’s Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and its other social media websites.

Teens have some of the highest risks for distraction-related car accidents in Broward and elsewhere. As a matter of fact, they’ve recorded the most distraction-related accidents of all age groups in recent years. The new anti-distraction campaign is working to shed some light on these dangers and to get teens talking, talking with one another about the risks that are associated with this dangerous driving habit.

“Distracted driving is an epidemic on our roadways, and these new findings show that our youngest drivers are particularly at risk,” said Secretary LaHood.

The NHTSA’s poll took the opinions and reports of nearly 10,000 drivers. When surveyed as passengers, about 90 percent acknowledged that driving while distracted was a dangerous habit and that the risks for an accident were in fact increased during that time, Only about a third of young drivers said that they would speak up and say something when riding with a driver who was engaging in distractions. About half of all participants who were surveyed who were over the age of 64-years-old said that they would speak up if they were in the same scenario.

Drivers and passengers are asked to work together to help keep our roadways distraction-free and ultimately accident-free.

If you or the young driver in your family has been injured in a car accident in Tamarac, Fort Lauderdale or in any of the surrounding South Florida areas, the Broward personal injury lawyers at Freeman & Mallard are here to help you understand your rights and are ready to fight for the compensation that you deserve. Call today to set up a free and confidential review of your case. Call 1-800-561-7777.

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