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New Technology Features Could be a Concern for Distracted Driving-Related Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

We frequently post on our Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorney Blog how building safer cars can reduce the risk of car accidents in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, safer built cars usually come with the latest in-vehicle technology which can cause all kinds of distractions for drivers throughout our state.

Palm Beach car accident attorneys have a growing concern that vehicles in the future will come ala carte, meaning consumers will be able to build their cars with all kinds of enticing and distracting features. This would be acceptable if vehicles could come with an fail-proof automatic auto pilot feature, which, with the push of the button, would allow drivers to just sit and play while the vehicle makes its way.

However, without this feature distracted driving accidents will likely reach levels higher than any we have seen to date, especially in a state that doesn’t prohibit distracted driving. Not to mention, technology to build safer vehicles always puts the consumer at risk of vehicle defects which can result in serious injury or even death.

Forbes recently reported that consumers can soon expect to be connected in their next vehicle. One problematic issue that arises from this is that several service and software providers may need to interact because the owner is not always the only driver of the vehicle. For example, some drivers who borrow but don’t own a vehicle may have a smartphone app with a navigational device when the car comes equipped with a map service provided by the automaker.

Phone service providers are beginning to compete with the automaker industry, which provides the same exact services with similar monthly fees. In fact, the article suggest that future resolution will require automakers, telecom providers and insurance companies all work together to provide a service in order to avoid stepping on toes.

The article suggests that in the future, drivers will build their own portfolio which can be accessed by a desktop, phone app, or mobile web portal which would then be enabled by the vehicle’s system. By creating a profile, the driver could identify their insurance carrier, phone provider and personal information which would allow them to download their phone to the vehicle’s system.

You may be thinking: “How will this affect driver safety on Florida roadways?” The system would allow drivers to have smartphone access while the vehicle isn’t moving. Once in motion, the driver would need to interact by using vehicle devices such has display screens or voice activation controls.

For example, if you want to listen to music downloaded on your smartphone, you would stream it through the vehicle system. If the app contains video images, they would only be displayed while the vehicle is idle and would automatically shut down the screen once in motion. This technology, along with improvements to driver assistance programs and vehicle sensor technology will enable drivers to be safer on roadways.

The insurance industry could propel new and improved vehicle systems by offering discounts to consumers who use them. Undoubtedly, consumers will take advantage of vehicle systems which allow them to stay connected while they drive if the monthly fee can be counteracted by a discounted insurance premium, especially in a state that has not targeted a distracted driving ban by government officials.

One thing is certain, technology needs time to be perfected so drivers should consider the risks before they leap to the next in-vehicle technology. Driver distractions have proven dangerous consequences but when coupled with defective technological devices, motorists can put themselves at an even greater risk of a Florida car accident.

Freeman, Mallard, Sharp & Gonzalez, LLC are experienced car accident attorneys that advise victims involved in a West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale car accident of their rights. For a free consultation to discuss your claim, call 1-800-561-7777.

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