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Motorcycle Accident Raises Questions of Intersection Safety

Traffic planners and police officers say that the intersection where the fatal motorcycle accident happened in late December isn’t inherently unsafe — but motorists are still asked to be on their best behavior as they should at all intersections.

Our Port St. Lucie motorcycle accident lawyers are talking about the intersection of Port St. Lucie and Morningside boulevards. In 2012, there were more than 15 traffic accidents here, which police are saying isn’t actually a high number of accidents for intersections in the area, according to the TC Palm.

“Two of those were hit and runs,” said Master Sgt. Frank Sabol. “The rest of them were either minor accidents or did not result in serious injury or death.”

The 28-year-old motorcyclist wasn’t as lucky. The woman was visiting from San Diego when she was killed at the intersection in question. Accident reports indicate that a driver turned in front of her. She slammed directly into the right side of the vehicle. This is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents nationwide — a driver who fails to yield and turns left in front of an oncoming rider.

Reportedly, the intersection doesn’t have any kind of obstructions that would prevent motorists from seeing oncoming traffic.

Sabol said motorists need to take the extra precaution and look carefully for oncoming motorists — especially those that are less visible and are on two wheels. He says it’s even important for vehicles that are heading straight through and have the right of way. He adds that it’s a good idea to slow down.

According to the city, which is in charge of controlling the lights, changes to improve safety at this intersection aren’t needed. Spokesman Ed Cunningham even invited motorists to voice their concerns and make recommendations to the state and the city. He designs intersections and their controls.

Intersections are a traffic-conflict points and as such are a common location for accidents. Death and serious injuries are most likely to occur at intersections that are located in urban areas. As a matter of fact, the rate of accidents in these areas is about twice as high as accidents at intersections in rural areas. Each year, more than 60 percent of people witness someone running a red light at least a few times a week, and many see this happen once a day.

It’s so bad that about a third of Americans know someone who has been killed at intersections because of red-light running.

When passing through an intersection, whether you’re in a vehicle, on foot or on a bicycle, you’re asked to be cautious. Make sure you’re aware of what’s coming your way in all directions. Never assume that you’re seen by other traveler. Be courteous, too! We’re all trying to get through safely. It’s a group effort. Defensive travel is what’s going to help you through these dangerous areas!

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