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Holidays increase risk of drunk driving accidents in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach

Making a choice to drive under the influence is something that happens on a daily basis across the United States. Our Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers are well aware that the costs outweigh the rewards when it comes to making these decisions to drive under the influence.

Please be responsible over the holidays and reduce the risk for you and your family, as well as other motorists on the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 11,773 fatalities in 2008 involving a driver having a Blood Alcohol Content of .08 or higher. This equated to 32% of the total fatalities for the year in the U.S. Though down substantially, last year the NHTSA reported 9,211 fatalities with the same .08 or higher BAC. In 2009, Florida reported 743 fatalities caused by a driver involved in the accident having a BAC of .08 or higher.

In 2008, there were 1,347 children (ages 14 and younger) who lost their lives in traffic crashes nationwide. Sadly, 99 children were killed because the driver of the vehicle they were in was driving drunk (BAC .08 or higher). Another 34 children were killed because a drunk driver hit them while walking or riding their bike.

The NHTSA found that a fatal alcohol impaired crash is four times more likely to happen at night then during the day. A driver who is alcohol impaired is two times more likely to be in a fatal crash on the weekend than during the week. The worst age group for drivers having fatal alcohol crashes is 21 to 24. A BAC of .16 was most the common level for drunk drivers in fatal crashes but 57% had a BAC of .15 or higher.

In Florida for 2008 there were 2,978 traffic fatalities.

-29% had a driver with a BAC of .08 or higher.

-20% had a driver with a BAC of .15 or higher.

Mother’s Against Drunk Driving ranks Florida as the 18th safest state. Let’s try to improve on that by following these simple tips:

-If you are going to drink appoint a sober driver.

-If you drink too much and one can come and get you, stay the night or call a cab.

-If you see someone else is drunk, take their keys.

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