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Global action to improve traffic safety good for reducing car accidents in West Palm Beach, Miami

Our West Palm Beach car accident lawyers want to reiterate the importance of traffic safety in conjunction with the United Nations launch of “Decade of Action for Road Safety” and National Youth Safety Awareness this month. No amount of funding or programming can replace the importance of being a safe driver. We can only hope that awareness will make it become a habit every time we get behind the wheel.

A recent survey indicates that American motorists want state and federal governments to be more hands-on in improving highway safety and reducing the risks of car accidents in Port St. Lucie, Fort Lauderdale and throughout the country. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports most drivers agree (70 percent) that stricter driving safety laws should be established and enforced.

“Despite shrinking federal and state transportation budgets and a public debate over the most
appropriate role of government, it’s clear that a majority of Americans want government officials
to do more – not less – about highway safety,” said AAA President and CEO Bob Darbelnet. “From passing and enforcing laws about teen drivers and distracted driving to programs that improve the safety of our roadways and add safety equipment to vehicles, there are many steps the government can take to reduce crashes, injuries, and deaths in the U.S.”

Other notable responses from the survey include:

-Designing and building safer cars is the responsibility of both automobile manufacturers (60 percent agree) and the federal government (41 percent agree).

-Almost 60 percent of respondents indicated the state governments need to make a better effort to make their roadways safer.

-More laws need to be established in the United States to prevent drivers from portraying dangerous driving behaviors according to 62 percent of the respondents surveyed.

The United Nations is kicking off the worldwide campaign in Washington, D.C on May 11th. “Decade of Action for Road Safety” will take a global approach to improving roadway designs, building safer cars, establishing more safety laws, campaigning for safer driving behaviors and improving the rescue mission following a crash over the next ten years. There are 1.3 million fatalities each year on world roadways, and another 3.5 million people injured.

Wear. Believe. Act. will be the motto recognized internationally with a yellow tag symbol. Over 50 countries along with 30 U.S. cities will be displaying the yellow tag on billboards, marquis signs, state buildings, and monumental locations throughout the country in recognition of global attempt to reduce traffic fatalities worldwide.

Florida drivers may not be able to build safer cars or design safer roadways but you can be in control of your own driving behaviors. Safer driving skills will keep Florida fatalities down on the highways and streets that we travel on.

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