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Florida Drivers Have Many Resource When Choosing Car or SUV

You may be ready for an upgrade. Perhaps you were involved in an accident, or your family is growing and needs a new vehicle. While there are a number of factors to consider when shopping for a new car, safety for your loved ones is going to be a priority.

There are a number of ways to research vehicle safety, including government reports, insurance industry records, crash-test scores, and research conducted on behalf of manufacturers. While you can assess consumer reports, none of the information is likely to paint the full picture.

Florida auto accidents claim thousands of lives every year. Our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys are experienced in the investigation of accidents and helping victims recover compensation for their injuries and loss. In addition, we are also committed to helping prevent future accidents, injury and wrongful death.

Unfortunately, statistics rarely consider the full range of accidents that you may encounter on the road. You could hit a narrow object, such as a pole, tree, or street light. A collision may involve impact to the front or the side of your vehicle. You could be involved in an accident with an SUV or semi-truck that is larger, heavier, and capable of causing greater damage. A new study conducted by the University of Buffalo suggests that the vehicle you choose to buy could have a significant role in how well you and your passengers fare in the event of an accident.

While it is commonly known that larger vehicles will cause greater damage to a smaller vehicle, the study indicates just how significant the size of a vehicle can be in preventing passenger injury or fatality. According to the report, the odds of death were 7.6 times higher for car drivers than for drivers of SUV’s in a car versus SUV collision. However, there are some safety features that can improve safety for car drivers. When a crash involved a car with a better front crash-test rating than the SUV, the driver was only 4.5 times more likely to die than an SUV driver. Despite safety features, car drivers are at a clear disadvantage when involved in an accident with an SUV.

The new study analyzed head-on crash information in the FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System) maintained by the federal government. The researchers were looking specifically at whether the type of vehicle impacted the survival rates of a passenger. According to the researchers, the type of vehicle (SUV vs. car) was more important that just looking at the crash-test ratings produced by government agencies, private consumer studies, or insurance agencies.

Safety features may include anti-lock brakes, airbags, or front-crash design. Many vehicles will also take into consideration passenger diversity, including how safety features will impact children or older drivers. Newer and high-tech capabilities, including cars that can communicate on the road and help to prevent accidents are additional features that will become more available to consumers.

When choosing a vehicle for your family, remember that vehicle scores and crash test ratings can be indicative of safety, but they are not the only measure. Remember that a head-on collision can be deadly, especially if you are involved in an accident with a vehicle of greater size, including a truck or SUV.

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