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Federal Agency Presses for Graco Car Seat Recall

Safety features as well as advanced equipment, new technologies, and federal regulations can help prevent serious injuries in the event of an accident. While seat belts reduce the number of injuries and fatalities for adults, car seats have proven effective in helping to prevent serious injury and fatalities among young children, toddlers, and infants. The effectiveness of a car seat depends on the quality of safety features which should be tested by manufacturers. In another product recall case, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is pressuring Graco, the manufacturer of children’s safety products, to recall approximately 1.8 million car safety seats that the agency has deemed dangerous.

According to the New York Times, the agency has ordered a series of tests to determine how long a malfunctioning buckle would delay freeing an infant in the event of an accident or emergency. Our car accident attorneys in Broward County are committed to protecting the rights of car accident victims and raising awareness to prevent future injuries and fatalities. We are abreast of developments in safety and technology news and committed to our focus on consumer rights and victims’ advocacy. Parents who own certain Graco model car seats should be aware of the potential risks of faulty seat buckles.

Earlier this year, Graco recalled approximately 4.2 million child seats that had the same malfunctioning seat belt buckle. The investigation started after parents called the safety agency to report they had to cut their children free from the straps to remove them from the car seat. The seats that were recalled were forward-facing; however, Graco asserts that the rear-facing seats do not have the same issues, due to design differences. Graco representatives stated that the seat design allows for a child to be detached from the base and quickly removed, regardless of the faulty buckle.

Despite challenges from Graco, the agency says that it suspects hazards and risks involved with delays in removing a child in an emergency situation. According to new NHTSA documents, there is concern that the rear-facing seats pose a significant risk if the buckle is difficult to open or becomes stuck in the event of an accident. Though it has not ordered a recall, the agency has requested that its research center conduct a series of tests to determine how long it would take to remove a child.

Graco is complying with requests and working with industry experts to come to an agreement and solution in the interest of consumers. The agency has been sued for wrongful death after a child was killed in a 2011 accident when a mother could not free her child from the car seat. The case was settled out of court and the details are confidential. In any car accident case, it is important to work with an experienced advocate who can identify defendants, including liable individuals and entities. In addition to other drivers, vehicle and child seat manufacturers can also be held liable for injuries and fatalities arising out of a car collision.

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