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‘Faces of Distracted Driving’ Campaign Targets Holiday Car Accidents in Cooper City

With Thanksgiving coming up this week, the holiday season is in full swing and 2012 is approaching quickly. During the holiday season, we typically see a drastic increase in the number of car accidents in Cooper City and elsewhere. With the Thanksgiving holiday, nearly 40 million people are expected to travel at least 50 miles from home. About 90 percent of these travelers will be on our roadways. During the 2008 Thanksgiving holiday period, nearly 400 motorists died because of car accidents. Thousands more were injured.

Our Cooper City car accident attorneys understand that driver distractions are a top cause for vehicle accidents. Some motorists all too often engage in dangerous activities, such as placing calls, taking calls and text messaging while driving. These behaviors drastically increase the risks for accidents.

To help cut down on the number of accidents, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is pushing the “Faces of Distracted Driving” campaign, which offers stories from those who have been tragically affected by these types of accidents. Many residents lose family members because of careless drivers.

A recent story featured the family of a 19-year-old girl and her unborn child, both of whom were killed in a pedestrian-car accident in Naples with a distracted driver. The accident happened in 2010 when a cell phone-using driver rolled through a stop sign and hit the girl who was crossing the street not far from her home.

These public service announcements have been viewed by people across the country more than 100,000 times since the campaign launched in November 2010. The campaign aims to shine a light on just how dangerous this behavior is, and to let viewers know that these accidents are happening every day around the country.

“I thank all of the families of distracted-driving victims who have bravely chosen to share their stories of loss with the world,” LaHood said.

About 5,500 people lost their lives in distracted driving-related car accidents in 2009. These types of accidents accounted for about 20 percent of all accidents reported during the year. Nearly 1,000 of these fatalities were the result of an accident in which a cell phone was reported as the distraction. Nearly half a million drivers were injured in these accidents.

Many people don’t think that talking on a cell phone or sending a text message while driving isn’t all that difficult or distracting, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Drivers who use a cell phone behind the wheel are four times more likely to get into an accident. This dangerous act gives drivers the same reaction capabilities as a driver who is legally drunk.

As we head into the holiday season and traffic picks up, we urge all drivers to curb the distractions and focus on driving.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a distracted driving-related car accident in Cooper City, Port St. Lucie, West Palm Beach, Coral Gables or surrounding areas, call the Law Offices of Freeman & Mallard for legal representation. For a free consultation call 800-529-2368.

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