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Survey : Drivers Fail to Practice Safe Habits to Reduce Risks of Car Accidents in Royal Palm Beach and Elsewhere

A recent car accident in Royal Palm Beach sent two motorists to the hospital. The accident happened on Belvedere Road. One of the motorists had to be extricated from the vehicle and was taken by Trauma Hawk helicopter to St. Mary’s Medical Center, according to News Channel 5. The passenger was taken to the same hospital by an ambulance. No information has been released involving the motorists of the other vehicle.

Our Royal Palm Beach car accident lawyers understand that overall, traffic accidents decreased from 2010 to 2011. We recently discussed this announcement from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. But it’s important to point out that the number of accidents only dropped by about 70 deaths and that there were still roughly 2,400 people killed on our roadways during the year.

In light of the recent announcement and of the New Year, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is asking all drivers to make the switch to safe driving habits. According to a recent study conducted by AAA, U.S. drivers desire a greater level of safety on our roadways. Most drivers say they support government action to achieve this. Still, with all this support, many drivers are not willing to change their own habits first.

“Even one death on our roads is unacceptable,” says AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety President and CEO Peter Kissinger. “Something is terribly amiss in our traffic safety culture when…on average there is still one needless death every 16 minutes.”

According to the AAA 2011 Traffic Safety Culture Index:

-Drivers frown upon drinking and driving. About 97 percent of those who were surveyed said that drinking and then driving was completely unacceptable. Still, about one out of every five drivers admits to getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol at least once in the last 30 days.

-Drivers find distracted driving to be a serious threat on our roadways. About 95 percent of those who were surveyed said that, yet still nearly 40 percent of all drivers admitted to doing so themselves.

-Drivers don’t like speeders. Nearly 95 percent of those who were surveyed said that they find it unacceptable to go more than 15 mph over the speed limit. But again, more than half of drivers admitted to doing it themselves.

-Driver’s don’t like red-light runners either. Almost 95 percent of surveyed drivers feel it’s irresponsible and dangerous for a driver to run a red light, but nearly 40 percent said that they are guilty of doing it.

-Drowsy driving is a no-no. Nearly 100 percent of drivers said there’s no excuse for drowsy driving. Roughly 30 percent of driver said they’ve done it in the last month though.

-Only about one out of every four drivers said that they have driven without a seat belt in the last month.

Motor vehicle accidents can be prevented with cautious and responsible driving habits. Drivers are urged to start practicing what they preach. It’s like the saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Practice safe driving habits. Maybe it will catch on.

If you or someone in your family has been involved in a traffic accident in Royal Palm Beach or elsewhere throughout South Florida, contact Freeman, Mallard, Gonzalez & Sharp to discuss your rights. Call us for a free consultation at 1-800-529-2368.

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