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Broward Traffic Safety: Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

As our Boynton Beach car accident lawyers recently discussed on our injury blog, elderly drivers face some serious risks for accidents behind the wheel.

Many older drivers are dealing with serious health and mobility issues — and it’s affecting their driving. Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is (December 3rd through 7th), according to The American Occupational Therapy Association as authorities look to shed light on this critical safety issue.

Aging is something we’ve all got to go through. It’s how we deal with these changes that will help to determine our safety on the road. During this awareness week, families are urged to check in on their elderly loved ones to make sure that everything’s going well and that they’re comfortable behind the wheel. Care and concern can help to draw attention to some serious safety issues and help to make the proper changes to make sure our elderly drivers stay safe.

“Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is a perfect time to test your skills or encourage someone you love to test theirs. If you need a tune up to sharpen your driving skills, do it soon,” said Dr. Richard Harkness, CEO of ADEPT Driver.

The awareness week looks to promote understanding of the importance of transportation and mobility in helping to ensure older adults remain active in the community, but that they do so safely. This is an excellent time to look in on the elderly members of your family to make sure that they’re okay behind the wheel. Many times, these drivers don’t recognize the dangers that they’re in. Talk with them about their health and about how comfortable they’re feeling behind the wheel. It’s a talk that could wind up saving their life.

Safety Tips for Elderly Drivers, from Help Guide:

-Make sure you’re getting your eyes checked each year. Ensure that your prescription glasses are current.

-Keep your mirrors, your headlights and your windshield clean and make sure that the brightness on your dashboard up to help to ensure visibility.

-Have your hearing checked every year. If you have hearing aids, make sure you’re wearing them every time you get behind the wheel. Be cautious when opening car windows. Drafts can sometimes impair the effectiveness of a hearing aid.

-Schedule a visit with your doctor and talk with them about the affects that medications of ailments may have on your safety behind the wheel.

-Make sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep. This is essential go safe driving.

-Recognize when you should give up your keys. This doesn’t mean you’re giving up your independence. It just means you’re going to stay safe even longer. There are plenty of other ways, including buses, public transportation and friends and family members, that can help you to get you to where you need to be — safely!

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