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Celebrated Miami Artist Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents are often the cause of lives lost too young. In another tragic case, a celebrated Miami artist was killed in a motorcycle accident last month. Edward Crowell II was killed on September 25 at an intersection when a car failed to stop. According to local reports, his death sent shock waves through the Miami art scene. The self-taught artist originally hailed from Alabama and paved his way as a painter, creating nearly 20 years of work inspired by the civil rights movement, pop art, and poetry. He was also recognized in the Miami nightclub scene and for his music and poetry. The accident is a reminder for drivers and riders alike, that lives can be lost too soon.

Warm climates make motorcycle riding a popular form of transport in Miami and throughout South Florida. Unfortunately, the high rate of motorcyclists, combined with traffic, negligent drivers, and other risks, put riders at a significant risk of collision or injury. In the event of a collision, riders are also more likely to suffer serious injuries. According to Ride Smart Florida, 17% of road fatalities involve motorcyclists. For those who do survive a motorcycle accident, permanent injuries may significantly reduce quality of life and require extensive around-the-clock care.

Victims of motorcycle accidents and their loved ones should consult with an experienced advocate in the event of an accident that results in injury or death. Our Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorneys are experienced in the investigation of accidents and can review evidence, identify responsible parties, and pursue just compensation for victims. Remember that juries are often bias against motorcycle riders and can buy into myths about “reckless motorcycle riders” who speed or bring on injuries themselves. We know that riders are often victims of accidents because of negligent drivers, low visibility, or dangerous road conditions.

The Miami artist was remembered on social media platforms, including Facebook, where friends and family notified the public that he was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. Throughout his career, his work was shown and recognized locally and nationally. His paintings were exhibited at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2011 and received international acclaim. Mr. Crowell also had exhibits throughout the U.S. in Los Angeles and New York, and internationally, in Milan and London. In addition to his visual art which was featured in Details Magazine and other well-known platforms and advertisements, he was a musician who created hip-hop in the Miami arts scene.

Any loss of life is tragic, especially when it involves an act of negligence. Though a lawsuit cannot reverse the accident, financially recover can help victims and their families get justice and move forward. With strategic counsel and advocacy, victims may be able to recover compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, long term care needs, funeral expenses, and other costs related to the injury or wrongful death. Mr. Crowell was an avid motorcyclist whose life was lost too soon. In the event of a collision, motorcycle victims have the right take legal action to achieve justice and to prevent future injuries and fatalities.

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