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Fewer Florida Car Accidents in 2011 – 2012 Shaping Up to Be a Dangerous Year

The number of fatal car accidents in the state of Florida decreased in 2011, but that drop could be short lived as we enter the 2012 holiday travel season.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), the number of fatalities resulting from car accidents in the state of Florida dropped by about 2 percent from 2010 to 2011, going from 2,444 to 2,400. With this small decrease, transportation advocates are still worried. Take the number of motorcycle and passenger fatalities for example. This number increased by about 20 percent during this time. The number of bicyclist fatalities also increased, by close to 60 percent. More teens were dying on our roadways, too.

With the improving economy, more travelers are feeling comfortable hitting the gas pump and hitting the road — especially for the holidays. An increase in these fatal accidents is expected as the economy continues to recover.

Our Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers understand that the month of December serves up some of the most dangerous conditions on our roadways. We’ve got residents and visitors venturing out on holiday vacations and we’ve got the snowbirds arriving in force. With the increase in traffic, we see significant increases in your risks for a car accident. We’re asking all travelers to be safe out there, including motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

“Traffic crashes are largely avoidable, and so I would urge drivers to give their full attention to the road when they are behind the wheel,” said DHSMV Executive Director, Julie L. Jones. “The Department strives to change driving behaviors and save lives.”

In 2011, the number fatality rate per mile traveled was at an all-time low. Drivers just were taking as many trips. This statistic, and many more, were recently released in the 2011 Florida Traffic Crash Statistic Report.

Report Highlights:

-Over the last 6 years, the number of fatalities resulting from car accidents has dropped from more than 3,530 to 2,400 (2005 to 2011).

-The number of car accident fatalities per 100 million miles traveled was more than 1.20 in 2011. This is also the same rate as 2010 as well as the lowest rate since the Department started keeping track back in 1968.

-The number of passenger and motorcycle rider fatalities increased by close to 20 percent.

-The number of bicyclists killed in traffic accidents increased by close to 60 percent.

-The number of teen drivers killed in traffic accidents increased by more than 5 percent.

As we round out 2012, when the risks for accidents are the highest, we’re asking drivers to be safe out there. Keeping your attention on the road at all times is important when it comes to getting home safe for the holidays.

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