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Broward Traffic Safety Watch: Road Deaths on the Rise

There were more than 36,000 people killed in car accidents in 2012, according to preliminary estimates from the National Safety Council (NSC). Officials say that this is the first increase in the number of yearly traffic accident fatalities since 2005. It’s an increase of about 5 percent to be exact — and that’s worrying safety advocates.
Our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys understand that this number is on the rise as the economy improves. It’s a correlation we see over and over again. The number of car accident fatalities almost always directly correlates with the status of the economy. When we’re all doing better (financially), more feel comfortable spending at the pump and the number of total miles driven increases. With more people on our roadways traveling more miles, the risks for car accidents increase. It’s an alarming trend that we need to try and head of immediately.

For fatal accidents, the costs came to more than $276 billion (also a 5 percent increase from the year before). Included in these costs are property damage, administrative expenses, medical expenses, employer costs as well as loss in wages and productivity.

“NSC is greatly concerned with the upswing in traffic fatalities on our nation’s roads,” said Janet Froetscher with the NSC.

The Florida DMV offers drivers a few simple safety tips to practice behind the wheel to help to improve the odds and to help to reduce the risks of accidents.

Safe Driving Tips:

-Always follow the two-second rule. Make sure you keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you. Here’s how: Watch the vehicle ahead pass a fixed point (sign or tree). Count 1001 and 1002 (2 seconds). If you reach the mark before you say 1002 you’re tailgating – back off!

-Make sure you keep an eye out for dangerous drivers. Lookout for those who speed, make abrupt turns or swerve excessively, display inconsistent signals and those who tailgate. Lookout for drivers who are distracted as well. You don’t want them endangering you.

-Avoid drinking and driving. That’s one sure way to increase your risks for an accident. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s illegal. You run the risk of jail time, close to $10,000 in fines and increased insurance premiums.

-Don’t let out your aggression behind the wheel. Don’t yell, honk unnecessarily, tailgate, accelerate through yellow lights or interfere with other people’s driving. Drive defensively and be on the lookout.

-Keep your eyes on the road. Drivers who were distracted while using mobile telephones, changing CDs in the stereo, eating, applying makeup or smoking have caused many accidents. When driving, we have to remember we have a responsibility to our loved ones, and to others, as well as to ourselves, to do everything within our power to stay focused on safety.

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