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Parking Lot Accidents in Wellington Common through Holiday Season

As the holidays draw near, more and more residents are flocking to the malls and other shopping centers to get those last-minute gifts for friends and family. Be careful when parking at these places though because parking lots are commonly the backdrop for serious accidents. There are high risks for car and pedestrian accidents in Wellington parking lots through the holiday season.

“With the holiday season coming up and more shoppers expected to park in lots later at night, it’s important to be aware of the surroundings and choose a safe place to park,” said Anndee Soderberg, ADT marketing manager.

Our Wellington car accident attorneys ask motorists and pedestrians to be safe while traveling through parking lots and parking garages outside of busy stores. Pedestrians are not only warned to be safe around vehicular traffic in these lots, they’re also warned to be cautious of cracked sidewalks and other hazardous debris. By following a few safety tips, we can all help to make sure that we make it in and out of the stores safely this year.

Parking Lot Safety Tips:

-Be aware of your surroundings. Refrain from distracting activities, such as cell phones, bags and packages, car keys, pedestrians and other cars. Keep your eyes on the parking lot.

-Always hold the hands of small children.

-Be careful when crossing the path of vehicular traffic. Look both ways when crossing a parking lot lane just as you would crossing the street.

-Park in open spaces. Never try to squeeze your vehicle into a tiny spot.

-Be extra careful when backing up. Keep looking around your vehicle for nearby pedestrians. Backup slowly just in case someone darts out behind your vehicle unexpectedly.

-Lookout for defective sidewalks and parking lot debris.

-Walk when and where pedestrian traffic is signaled to.

-Drivers should always yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.

-Drivers should never block or park in crosswalks.

Property owners are required to keep parking lots clean and safe for everyone. as well By following a few safety measures, property owners can help to prevent any accidents or legal matters regarding their parking lots.

Tips for parking lot owners:

-Make sure that all areas of the lot are well lit.

-Deal with flooding areas immediately after the rain to avoid any fall hazards.

-Clearly mark areas where pedestrian and vehicular traffic are expected.

-Clearly mark steps and changes in level on sidewalks.

-Clear the lot of all trash and other debris.

-All signs should be visit and legible.

As the stores fill up with holiday shoppers, the parking lots are expected to fill as well. Shoppers are urged to be cautious when parking as these areas can produce a number of accidents if you’re not cautious and careful. Property owners are required, by law, to ensure that these areas are safe for all visitors. Let’s all do our part to be smart, polite, careful and courteous in parking lots to avoid an accident. Happy Holidays and safe shopping!

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