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Be Safe This Fourth of July Holiday Weekend on Palm Beach County Roads

Many will travel this upcoming holiday weekend and West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyers wish you and your family safe travels wherever you may be going.

Steering clear of car accidents in Palm Beach County will help you enjoy the Independence Day holiday weekend. We have seen how accidents on our roads and highways can be devastating, so keep your family safe this holiday weekend.

AAA estimates that nearly 39 million drivers will travel more than 50 miles from their homes during the weekend, which is down slightly from 2010, when about 40 million drivers took to the roads. The group estimates that about 84 percent of those people will be driving to a vacation spot. About a $1 increase in gas prices from last year this time is to blame for the estimated decrease in drivers. AAA believes about 3 million people will be flying this holiday weekend, a rise from a year ago.

But despite the estimated drop in travelers driving, 39 million people is a huge number. That means the risk for accidents is still very high. With clogged South Florida roads, drivers must avoid the pitfalls that can lead to fender-benders and more serious wrecks that cause injuries and even death.

But if you do end up in an accident, insist police file a report on the incident. Try to document the accident or the injury itself. Your memory of what happened will be stronger closer in time to the incident. Take photos and get contact information for witnesses and speak with no one about the accident without first talking with West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyers.

Common Fourth of July vehicle accident causes:

Drunk driving accidents: With so many additional people driving, the possibility of drunk driving accidents will be at a high level. The Florida Highway Patrol made 100 DUI arrests during the Fourth of July holiday weekend in 2010. And that doesn’t include local law enforcement. Despite increased criminal penalties, people still choose to drink and drive, so keep your family safe.

Distracted driving accidents: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration attributes more than 450,000 injuries each year on distracted driving. Talking on a cell phone, messing with the radio dial, applying makeup and talking with others in the vehicle all can be dangerous.

South Florida teen car accidents: School is out, the weather is warm and teens want to get in the car, pick up their friends and head to the beach or the mall. While this is a rite of passage we all have made, it still terrifies us to let our kids go out on the road. Nationwide in 2009, more than 33,000 teens died in car accidents. Make sure your teen is well prepared to take on the challenges of South Florida driving.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach car accident, contact the car accident lawyers at Freeman, Mallard, Sharp & Gonzalez, LLC for a free case evaluation. Call 1-800-561-7777 to discuss your rights today.

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